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LECTURE- On Language and Literature Problems in Eurasian Countries, Emine Gürsoy-Naskali, Istanbul, Apr. 2

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LECTURE- Language and Literature in Eurasia, E. Gürsoy-Naskali, Istanbul, Apr 2

Posted by: Guljanat Kurmangaliyeva <>

As the sixth lecture of its Lecture Series on Eurasia,
Maltepe University presents:

"On Language and Literature Problems in Eurasian Countries"

By Professor Emine Gürsoy-Naskali (Department of Turkish Language and
Literature, Marmara University)

Time: Thursday, April 2, 2009, 2:00 PM
Venue: Marma Congress Center, Maltepe University, Maltepe, Istanbul

Emine Gürsoy-Naskali is a professor of Turkology at Marmara
University. She has earlier served at the Oxford, Helsinki, Tehran and
Bogazici Universities.

Professor Gürsoy-Naskali is an author of a great number of articles
and books. She has published a critical edition of Radloff's epic
"Manas". She has edited a number of valuable books on different
aspects of Turkic culture. She has also edited researches on
contemporary Central Asian Republics including "Bagimsizliklarinin
Onuncu Yilinda Turk Cumhuriyetleri (Turkic Republics in the 10th
Anniversary of the Independence" and "Bagimsiz Kirgizistan - Dugumler
ve Cozumler (Independent Kyrgyzstan - Problems and Solutions)"

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Maltepe University
+90 (216) 626 10 50 ext. 1841

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