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PUBL.- Corruption in International Business, Sharon Eicher, Ed.

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PUBL.- Corruption in International Business, Sharon Eicher, Ed.

Posted by: Sharon Eicher <sharoneicher@yahoo.com>

Corruption in International Business:
The Challenge of Cultural and Legal Diversity

Edited by Sharon Eicher
Hardback 264 pages January 2009
978-0-7546-7137-4 ¢G55.00
Available in eBook format eISBN 978-0-7546-9448-9

It is common practice to assume that business practices are
universally similar. Business and social attitudes to corruption,
however, vary according to the wide variety of cultural norms across
the countries of the world. International business involves complex,
ethically challenging, and sometimes threatening, dilemmas that can
involve political and personal agendas.

Corruption in International Business presents a broad range of
perspectives on how corruption can be defined; the responsibilities of
those working for publicly traded companies to their shareholders; and
the positive influences that corporations can have upon combating
international corruption. The authors differentiate between public
and private sector corruption and explore the implications of both, as
well as methods for qualifying and quantifying corruption and the
challenges facing policy makers, legal systems, corporations, and
NGOs, as they seek to mitigate the effects of corruption and enable
cultural and social change.



Introduction: what corruption is and why it matters, Sharon Eicher
Government for hire, Sharon Eicher
When shareholders lose (or win) through corruption, Sharon Eicher
The good and evil faces of foreign investment, Sharon Eicher
Quantifying the immeasurable, Maks Kobonbaev and Sharon Eicher
Critiquing the indicators of corruption and governance, Maks
Kobonbaev, Donald Jacobsen and Sharon Eicher
Corruption in Chinese sports culture, Benjamin Ostrov
Exploring corruption in the petroleum sector, Maks Kobonbaev and Sharon Eicher
Risk management - playing by the rules, Sharon Eicher
Changing the rules: how the transition economy of Kyrgyzstan is
reforming public corruption, Talaibek Koichumanov
An institutional approach to understanding corruption in BRIC
countries, Qiang Yan
Private sector incentives for fighting international corruption, Ethan S.
Burger and Mary Holland

About the Editor

Sharon Eicher is a Ph.D. in Development Economics (2002). Other
degrees include B.A. in Political Science and Master's degrees in
Islamic Societies, Central Asian Languages & Cultures, and Economics.
She has taught Business and Economics courses at KIMEP in Kazakhstan
and was Chair of the Department of Business and Economics at Bethel
College in Newton, Kansas, in the USA. She now teaches at Friends
University in Wichita, Kansas, as an Associate Professor of Economics.
Sharon has been studying and traveling to the former Soviet Union
since 1989. She lived and worked in Kazakhstan for several years where
she met with advocates for small business development, befriended many
business professionals in the commercial center of Central Asia,
Almaty, and developed her understanding of corruption.

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