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PUBL.- Eurasian Development Bank Publications

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PUBL.- Eurasian Development Bank Publications

Posted by: Gulnaz Imamniyazova <>

Dear Colleagues:

The Eurasian Development Bank is happy to present its series of
publications on Eurasian regional integration.

EDB is an international financial institution founded to foster
economic growth and integration processes in the Eurasian region. The
Bank was founded by intergovernmental agreement signed in January 2006
by the Presidents of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In accordance with our mission, we strive to become a catalyst of
integration processes. The Bank's key areas for financing are electric
power, water and energy, transportation infrastructure and high-tech
and innovative industries.

EDB Eurasian Integration Yearbook 2008

The Yearbook provides a dynamic overview of integration processes in
the post-Soviet 'Eurasian' space and, in particular, improves access
of the global community to the best thinking on regional development
published in the Russian language during the year.

The first volume features articles on economic cooperation between CIS
countries in the machine-building, electric energy and banking sectors
as well as on institutional integration within the CIS and Eurasian
Economic Community. It also includes two specialised reports on the
prospects of development of nuclear energy complexes of Russia and
Kazakhstan and challenges related to shared water and energy resources
in Central Asia.

The last part of the Yearbook presents the Regional Integration
Chronicle, providing our readers with structured information on
integration events throughout 2007. It is supplemented by the 'Review
of Activities of Multilateral Development Banks' in the region. You
will also find information on the Round Tables conducted by the
Eurasian Development Bank in 2007 - 2008 as well as a book review of
the recent monograph on corporate integration in the post-Soviet space.

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Journal of Eurasian Economic Integration

The Journal of Eurasian Economic Integration is a quarterly
Russian-language journal published by the EDB. The Editorial Board and
the Editorial Council of the journal consist of authoritative
researchers and practitioners of regional integration. The Journal
publishes original research on the issues of economic and political
integration, book reviews, interviews as well as a quarterly chronicle
of regional integration. While concentrating on economics, the journal
publishes materials on a wide range of issues relevant to regional
integration. The editors welcome original research on such issues as
theories of regional integration applied to the post-Soviet arena;
economic integration (trade, investment and finance); institutional
integration; international experiences of regional integration; and
other relevant issues.

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Analytical Reports
The Eurasian Development Bank's investment policy and the environment.
EDB Industry Report no. 4. February 2009.

The CIS Common Electric Power Market. EDB Industry Report no.3. October 2008.

Water and Energy Resources in Central Asia: Utilization and
Development Issues. EDB Industry Report no.2. April 2008.

Nuclear Energy Complexes of Russia and Kazakhstan: Development and
Cooperation Prospects. EDB Industry Report no.1. April 2008.

Best wishes,

Gulnaz Imamniyazova
Senior Analyst
Economic Analysis Unit Strategy and Research Department
Eurasian Development Bank
56, Abdullinykh St.
Kazakhstan, 050010
+7 (727) 2444044 (ext. 6905)
+7 (727) 2911473 (fax)

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