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PUBL.- EUCAM Newsletter to Follow EU's Policies on Central Asia

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PUBL.- EUCAM Newsletter to Follow EU's Policies on Central Asia

Posted by: Nafisa Hasanova <nafisa.hasanova@ceps.eu>

Dear Colleagues,

Please find below details of how to download the first issue of the
EUCAM Watch. EUCAM Watch is a bi-monthly newsletter designed to
highlight significant developments and news concerning the EU's
Central Asia policies.

The newsletter is produced by the EU Central Asia Monitoring (EUCAM)
Project. This Project is a joint initiative of Fundacion para las
Relaciones Internacionales y el Dialogo Exterior (FRIDE), Spain and
the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), Belgium, and was
launched on 8 October 2008.

EUCAM will be monitoring the implementation of the EU Strategy for
Central Asia, adopted in summer 2007. EUCAM Watch will serve as a
means to keep updated on key developments in the emerging relationship
between the EU and the countries of Central Asia. The newsletter
contains the latest documents on EU-Central Asia Relations, up-to-date
information on the EU's progress in implementing the Strategy and
developments in Central Asian countries.

The first edition of the Newsletter is available at:

The EUCAM Watch is distributed electronically and free of charge the
wide CEPS and FRIDE networks. Please forward it to those that might
wish to subscribe to it. To subscribe, please click here .


Nafisa Hasanova
EUCAM Coordinator

Centre for European Policy Studies
Place du Congres 1 | 1000 Brussels
Tel: +322.229.39.17 | Mob: +32.488.258.553
Email: nafisa.hasanova@ceps.eu
www.ceps.eu | www.fride.org

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