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LECTURE- Civil Society, Religious Organizations and Government Institutions, Nov. 26

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LECTURE- Civil Society, Religious Organizations and Gov. Institutions, Nov. 26

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"Civil Society, Religious Organizations and Government Institutions:
An Analysis of Conditions for Developing an Effective Model of
Cooperation to Ensure Stable Development"

Speaker: Dr. Kadyr Malikov
Time: 5 p.m., November 26, 2008
Venue: Room 315 in AUCA's Main Building Language: Russian
(Interpretation into English will be provided ONLY if requested in advance)

Synopsis: Religious factors are among the features that determine the
image of national statehood. Islam, being the religion of the majority
citizens in Kyrgyzstan, is an integral part of the country's society
(its culture and history) and its impact on political and social
processes in the country has been increasing in recent years. There is
no doubt that the government cannot stay away from the religion of the
majority of its citizens.

Therefore, constructive interactions among the secular regime, civil
society, and religious communities are important factors for the
internal stability of the nation-state and for society as a whole. It
is necessary to study the reasons for the politicization of the
faithful and to analyze the motives for their radicalization.

Kyrgyzstan, like other republics of Central Asia, is in search of its
own model for the relationship between the government and Islam, a
relationship that should channel active religious movements to support
government interests, to strengthen democratic institutions. For this
purpose, political and legal conditions should be set up in to make
the Islamic community feel like a part of Kyrgyzstan's society and an
equal participant in its state- and nation-building processes. During
his lecture, Dr. Kadyr Malikov will share his thoughts on these topics.

Bio: Kadyr Malikov holds a Ph.D. from Madrid University, Spain. He
earned a master's degree from the Department of Islamic Law at Jordan
National University. He is a Senior Expert at the Institute for
Strategic Analysis and Prognosis at Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic
University. Currently, Dr. Malikov is a Thematic Team Leader at the
Social Research Center of the American University of Central Asia.

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