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LECTURE- Research Ethics in American Psychology, Gwen Murdock, SRC, AUCA, Nov. 26

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LECTURE- Research Ethics in American Psychology, Gwen Murdock, SRC-AUCA, Nov 26

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RESEARCH SEMINAR: "Research Ethics: How American Psychology and One
Department Met the Challenge"

SPEAKER: Dr Gwen Murdock, Lecturer, Psychology Department, AUCA

Time: 4pm, 26 November, 2008
Venue: 232, AUCA (main building)

Language: English

Abstract: Conducting research on humans is a human rights issue, because
contributing to science and participating in research motivates people to
participate when they would not, under other circumstances. In the past,
researchers have misused this motivation and others to coerce participants.
For this reason, it is important to establish and follow human research
ethics. Dr. Murdock will describe the history of human rights violations in
the U.S. under the guise of research and the strategies she and her
colleagues established to help students learn about human research ethics.
These strategies are effective in providing adequate protection of human
participants without unduly impeding student research projects.

Bio: Dr. Gwen Murdock is a Fulbright Scholar teaching in the Psychology
Department at AUCA. She is a comparative psychologist with a specializing in
the social behavior of Bovidae (bison, African antelope, cattle, etc.). She
has taught human research ethics in her Experimental Psychology course for
23 years. Other courses she has taught include Physiological Psychology,
Sensation & Perception, Animal Behavior, Animal Cognition, Applied
Statistics, General Psychology. For the past 7 years, she was department
head of the Psychology Department at Missouri Southern State University,
Joplin, Missouri, USA. Dr. Murdock was awarded her Ph.D. from the Georgia
Institute of Technology in Experimental Psychology.

Research Seminar Series: The Research Seminar Series is an initiative of the
SRC and it aims at providing a venue for the AUCA faculty, local and foreign
scholars to share the results of their current and previous research
projects with other scholars. The series intends to encourage scholarly
discourse at AUCA.

How to register: Please, RSVP to asamidinova_a@mail.auca.kg to give your
name and affiliation.

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kesha said...

This extensive set of cases was written by graduate and post doc students who took part in workshops on graduate fesearch ethics education, held at Indiana university, bloomington, from 1996 to 2002. Each case is accompanied by expert commentaries.