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JOBS- Pashto Linguists for Afghanistan

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JOBS- Pashto Linguists for Afghanistan

Posted by: Linda Aines <>

We are seeking persons with Pashto linguist skills. This position
will remain open for quite some time as the need is great and expected
to remain so for some time. Please note that only applicants who have
US citizenship should apply.

Position: Pashto Linguist
Location: Afghanistan
Length of Contracts: 1 year, with possibility of renewal
Salary: $210,000 per year

I am a freelance recruiter currently assisting an international
personnel and management company that is providing language personnel
to the U.S. Military in Afghanistan.

- Provide operational contract linguist support to U.S. Military
operations in Afghanistan
- Provide general linguistic support for military operations and
interpret during interviews, meetings, and conferences
- Interpret and translate written and spoken communications
- Transcribe and analyze communications
- Perform document exploitation
- Scan, research, and analyze foreign language documents for key information
- Translate foreign language documents
- Identify and extract information components meeting military
information requirements
- Provide input to reports

Benefits Package:
- Complete Health Care Package for you and your family
- 401k Retirement Plan
- Life Insurance
- Preferred employee status for future position with employer (based
on availability)

- 10 days paid time off after 6 months of service (also 20 days after
1 year of service)

- Must be a U.S. Citizen, fluent in speaking, reading and writing
Pashto or Pashto/Dari
- Must be willing to obtain a security clearance
- Must be willing to travel overseas, in this case, Afghanistan

To apply:
Please send resume to Write "Pashto
linguist-Afghanistan" in subject line of your e-mail and include
country of citizenship at the top of your resume.

Closing Date for applications: Open

Linda Aines
International Link Recruitment Service
Sudbury, Vermont, USA
Tel: +802-273-2330

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