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EVENT- Student Proj. Presentation: Chinese Trade Migration in Kyrgzystan, Social Research Center, AUCA

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EVENT- Student Proj. Presentation: Chinese Trade Migration in Kyrgzystan, AUCA

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The Social Research Center (SRC) at the American University of Central Asia
( under its Migration Research Track presents

Student Research Project: "Chinese Trade Migration in Kyrgyzstan"

under the Supervision of Ruslan Rakhimov, Migration Research Track, SRC,
Assistant Professor, Anthropology Department, AUCA

Presenters: Students of the Sociology and Economics Departments, AUCA

Time: 5 p.m., November 21, 2008
Venue: Rm. 232, AUCA (main building)

Language: Russian (interpretation into English will be provided only if
requested in advance)

Historically, in spite of bordering Kyrgyzstan, China has been a relatively
closed country, economically and culturally. After the Soviet Union's
collapse though, for the first time in Kyrgyzstan's history, the local
markets became centers for labor migration by Chinese nationals. This
situation raises a number of questions, including: what are the
characteristics and dynamics of the integration of Chinese entrepreneurs in
the Kyrgyz market?; how one can define the formation of Chinese community in
Kyrgyzstan?; what role does the Dungan Diaspora play in this process?...

A group of AUCA sociology and economics students, under the supervision of
Mr. Ruslan Rakhimov, has conducted research on the impact of the labor
migration inflow from the People's Republic of China to Kyrgyzstan. The goal
of the project was to define the level of trade relations between Kyrgyzstan
and China at the level of labor migration.

The team conducted interviews with Chinese traders at the Dordoi and Tataan
markets, with Kyrgyz government officials, and with some entrepreneurs in
Bishkek's industrial sector. The work consisted of three stages:
- developing research questions and reviewing literature;
- fieldwork (observations and interviews); and
- analysis of the observations and interviews.

The results of the study reveal three tendencies in Chinese labor migration:
- extension of Kyrgyz-Chinese trade relations;
- use of Kyrgyz market as a transit zone for Chinese traders on the way to
Central Asia, Russia and other countries; and
- formation of vague traits of a Chinese community in Kyrgyzstan.

Chinese trade migration has a mutually beneficial character. However, it
still needs to be effective control by the Kyrgyz Republic's government, and
adequate attitude of local entrepreneurs towards the Chinese merchants.

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