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CONF. PROG.- Globalisation and Eurasia, JNU, New Delhi, Nov. 9

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CONF. PROG.- Globalisation and Eurasia, JNU, New Delhi, Nov. 9

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International Seminar
Globalisation and Eurasia
Centre for Russian & Central Asian Studies,
School of International Studies, JNU

9 November 2008

10.30 - 11.30
Chief Guest:
Dr. Karan Singh
President Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR)

Key Note Address:
Prof. S. K. Thorat, Chairman University Grants Commission of India (UGC)

Tea Break - 11.30-12.00

Round Table on Civil Society: Uzbek and Indian Experience
Session I (12.00 - 13.30)
Chair: Prof. A. K. Ramkrishnan and Dr. Djamaliddin Khakimov

Marufjon Usmanov - Director of the Institute for the Study of Civil
Society (ISCS)
Conceptual issues of formation of the civil society in Uzbekistan

Mirhamdam Abdullaev - Chief of International Relations Department of ISCS
Globalization and role of government in the forming of the civil society

Nivedita Menon - Professor, School of International Studies, JNU
Civil Society and Media in India

Asha Sarangi - Associate Professor, Centre for Political Studies,
School of Social Sciences, JNU
Nehru and the Communicative public sphere: Making of Civil Society in
Post-Colonial India

Djamaliddin Khakimov - Director of Public Fund for Support and
Development Independent Printed Press and News Agencies of Uzbekistan
Role of Mass-media in the forming of civil and informational society
in Uzbekistan
Dynamics of societal responses to environmental change in Jammu and Kashmir

Nirmal Kumar Azad - Private Secretary, Minister of State, Ministry of
Human Resource Development, Govt of India.
Indian Policing and the Role of Civil Society

Lunch Break (1.30-14.30)

Round Table on Civil Society: Uzbek and Indian Experience
Session II (14.30 - 16.30)
Chair: Prof. Nivedita Menon and Dr. Marufjon Usmanov

Dilafruz Buranova - Leading research fellow of ISCS
Youth of Uzbekistan in conditions of Globalization

A. K. Ramkrishnan - Professor and Director, Department of West Asian
Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
Civil society and contemporary social movements in India

Sally Daultrey, Programme Manager, Cambridge Centre for Energy Studies
& Central Asia Forum, University of Cambridge
Dynamics of societal responses to environmental change in Jammu and Kashmir

Doel Mukherjee - formerly with UNDP and other International Organisations
Civil Society in India: A Partner for democracy

Vikas Jha - Project Coordinator, NGO PRIA
Panchayati Raj System in India and the Role of Civil Society

Shobha Sharma - Coordinator, Commonwealth Human Rigths Initiative
Policing and Human Rights in India

Dinner (8.00 pm): Hosted by Vice-Chancellor, JNU

10 November 2008

Academic Session I (9.30 - 11.00)
Globalistation: Political, Economic and Strategic Dimensions
Chair: Prof. Devendra Kaushik and Prof. Viachaslau Ivanovich Menkouski

Peter Rutland
Post-socialist states and the evolution of a new development model

M. Bhadrakumar,
Globalisation as it impacts on geopolitics of Eurasia

R. R. Sharma
Globalisation and conflict in Eurasia

P. L. Dash
Russia in the process of globalization

Anita Sengupta
Globalization and Eurasian geopolitical discourses

Tea Break (11.00-11.30)

Academic Session II (12.00-13.30)
Sustainable development, Social Welfare and Human Resources
Chair: Dr. Najam Abbas and Dr. Raju Thadikkaran

R. G. Gidadhubli
Russia's economy: Development and challenges

Tahir Asghar
Environment and sustainable development in Central Asia

Abel Polese
'Surviving welfare state reforms' in Ukraine: Illegal practices as a
way to survive and ineffective transition towards a welfare economy

Bhavna Dave
Transnational Migration Patterns in Eurasia and the Challenges of Regulation

Arun Mohanty
Russia's economic development strategy and globalisation

Lunch Break (13.00 - 14.00)

Academic Session III (14.00 - 16.15)
Civil Society, Informal networks and Local governance
Chair: Dr. Bhavana Dave and Dr. Sally Daultrey

Marfua Tokhtakhodjaeva
Trafficking of Women. The Case of Uzbekistan

Najam Abbas
How Globalization Impacts Tajikistan's Youth: Exploring the Human Development

Lessya Karatayeva
Articulation of Transnational Terrorism in the Information Space of Kazakhstan

Sofia Kasymova
Globalization of the Labor Market and the status of women in
post-Soviet Tajikistan

Nandini Bhattacharya
New challenges towards Nationalism in Central Asia with the advent of

Tea Break (16.15-16-30)

Academic Session IV (16.30 - 17.30)
Chair: P. L. Dash and Prof. Ashok Patnaik
State and Political system in Eurasia

Kuldip Singh
Political Constraints of Globalisation in Central Asia

Sanjay Pandey
Federalism in Russia

Phool Badan
State and democracy in Central Asia

Rajan Kumar
Putin's legacy and the state of democracy in Russia

Dinner (7.30 pm): Hosted by Ministry of External Affairs

11 November 2008

Academic Session V ((9.30-11.00)
Chair: Prof. R. R. Sharma and Dr. Peter Rutland
Eurasian Geopolitics

Devendra Kaushik
Russia and the geopolitics of Eurasia

Ajay Patnaik
Geopolitics of energy in Eurasia

Anuradha M. Chenoy
Foreign policy of Russia

Viachaslau Ivanovich Menkouski
Republic of Belarus between the West and the East in the Context of

Alexey Dundich
Global Stability with 'American face': problem or solution for Central Asia?

Nursin A. Guney
Nuclear Crises in the Realm of Eurasian Security: What Brings the
Iranian Crises?

Sheel K. Asopa
Problems of Eurasian Security

Tea Break (11.30-12.00)

Academic session VI (12.00-13.30)
Social and Cultural Dimensions of Globalisation
Chair: Marfua Tokhtakhodjaeva and Dr. Premlata

Zaal Kikvidze
Gender and women's studies as by-products of globalization in Georgia

Rashmi Doraiswamy
Russian literature and culture in the era of globalization

Preeti Das
Globalisation: socio-cultural conflicts and implications for Russia

M. Kaw
Globalisation & Central Asian Culture

Sofia Kasymova
Globalization of the Labor Market and the status of women in
post-Soviet Tajikistan

K. B. Usha
Social impact of globalization on Baltic States

Lunch Break (13.30 - 14.30)

Academic Session VII (14.30-16.00)
Chair: Dr. Adil Kaukenov and Dr. Matadin Gupta
Eurasian Integration and Regional Organisations

Visne Korkmaz
The Nexus of Globalisation and Regionalism within the Eurasian
Security: Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

P. Stobdan
Evolving Security Architecture in Eurasia

Meena Singh Roy
Regional Organisations in Eurasia

Sattar F. Mazhitov
Eurasianism: Searching for Dzhamshid's Bowl

Bek-Ali Yerzhan
Central and South Asia in the globalized world

Tursunay Usubalieva-Oktai
International trade development of the Kyrgyz Republic within the
Central Asian Region

Tea Break (16.00-16.15)

Academic Session VIII (16.15 - 18.00)
Security interests and Diplomacy
Chair: Prof. Mansura Haidar and Prof. Nursin A. Guney

Enayatollah Yazdani
The Importance of Central Asia for the International Powers: A case
study of Iran-Central Asia relations

Selcuk Colakoglu
The Turkic Brotherhood Policy and Its Effects on Globalization Process
in Central Asia?

Adil Kaukenov
Specifics of Chinese Diplomacy in Central Asia

A. P. S. Chouhan
Turkey's interest in Central Asia

Sanjay Deshpande
Russia's geopolitical interest in the Caspian region

Archana Upadhyaya
Islamic factor in Russia's security perspective

Nalin Kumar Mahapatra
India's energy diplomacy in CIS

Dinner (8.00 pm): Hosted by ONGC Videsh

12 November 2008

Valedictory Session
Lunch (13.00 - 14.00)

Prof. Ajay Patnaik
Russian and Central Asian Area Studies Programme
Jawaharlal Nehru Unviersity
New Delhi

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