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PUBL.- Central Asia and the Caucasus, No. 5, 2008

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PUBL.- Central Asia and the Caucasus, No. 5, 2008

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Please find the contents of no. 5(53), 2008 of the 'Central Asia and the
Caucasus' journal (in English and Russian) below. The issue will be
published in late November.

Journal of Social and Political Studies
No. 5 (53), 2008

In This Issue:

Geography, Geopolitics, and the Related Terms

Lasha Tchantouridze. Eurasia, Geopolitics, and American Foreign Policy

Murat Laumulin. Geopolitical Landmarks: Central Asia Today


Bakhodyr Ergashev. Parliamentary Opposition in Central Asia: Progress,
Problems and Prospects

Lidia Karmazina. Institutionalization of the Party System in the Republic of
Kazakhstan: Past and Present

Energy Policy and Energy Projects

Thrassyvoulos N. Marketos. European Energy Security and the Balkans: A
Battleground for the U.S.-Russia Struggle for the Geostrategic Control of

Yuri Morozov. Russia, the West, and SCO Countries in the Central Eurasia
Energy Projects

Vladimir Matveev. China's Das Policy in Central Asia

Rustam Makhmudov. Russia and Iran: Attempts to Implement new Strategic Steps
in the Caspian-Central Asian Oil and Gas Industry

Haroutiun Khachatrian. Armenia's Energy Sector: A Regional Actor with no
Energy Resources

Galia Esenova. Kazakhstan's Fuel and Energy Complex: Reforms, Problems, and

Demur Chomakhidze. Efficient use of Fuel and Energy Resources in Georgia's
Energy Policy

Religion in Society

Bruno De Cordier. A Eurasian Islam? (A vision on the position and evolution
of Islam and Islamism in former Soviet Central Asia and the Caspian)

Regional Politics

Steven Sabol. International Terrorism and Central Asia: Premature

Malkhaz Matsaberidze. Russia and Georgia: Post-Soviet Metamorphoses of
mutual Relations

Regional Conflicts

Nicolas Lemay-Hébert. The "Frozen Conflict" that Turned Hot: Conflicting
State-Building Attempts in South Ossetia

Odd Gunnar Skagestad. Chechnia ­ the OSCE Experience 1995-2003

For Your Information

The Special Feature section in the next issues will discuss:

* Central Eurasia: Politics Today

* Security Issues in Central Eurasia

* Russia, the U.S., and the EU: Their Policy in Central Eurasia

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