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EXHIBITION- Call for Photos - Uzbekistan: The Heart of Central Asia

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EXHIBITION- Call for Photos - Uzbekistan: The Heart of Central Asia

Posted by: Nozila Mukhamedova <>

The "Uzbekistan: the Heart of Central Asia" photography exhibitions
are organized annually by the "Economic Review" magazine with support
from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan and the United
Nations Development Programme. Each year the exhibition is devoted to
one broad subject within which photographs are collected from all over
the world.

What makes these exhibitions peculiar is that all of the photographs
collected should be by amateur photographers who are not citizens of
Uzbekistan. Thus, the main objective of the photo-exhibitions is to
illustrate contemporary life in Uzbekistan through the lens of foreign

Participants of the photo-exhibition come from different countries and
professions: foreign diplomats, members of staff at international
organizations, tourists and guests. Their photographs reflect modern
Uzbekistan, its people, nature, culture, traditions, and much more.
Views familiar to every Uzbekistani can be seen on these photographs
from different angles and perspectives.

In 2007 the photo-exhibition was organized around the subject
"Traditions and Culture". Photographs exhibited reflected the unique
culture and age-old traditions of the Uzbekistanis.

This year the photo-exhibition will be devoted to the topic "The
Crossroads of Cultures". The key subject of the exhibition is the
historical role of Uzbekistan as a crossroads of cultures, a bridge
between the East and the West. This subject should be seen in a broad
light, including topics such as multiculturalism, harmony between
different cultures and traditions, artifacts and other products of
inter-cultural exchange and cooperation, the role multiculturalism and
international cooperation can play in development processes, and other
topics related broadly to the theme of the exhibition.

We invite all interested photographers who reside currently in
Uzbekistan or have visited the country earlier to take part in the
"Uzbekistan: the Heart of Central Asia" photography exhibitions.
Photographs, in print or digital, should be sent to the following
address by 20th November 2008:

5, 1 Tupik, Usmon Nosyr St.,
100070, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

with a note "For the Photo Exhibition"

Contact person: Ms. Yulduz Djalilova
Tel: (+99871) 150-02-02

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