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FELLOWSHIPS- Flagship Program for Central Asian Language Study

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FELLOWSHIPS- Flagship Program for Central Asian Language Study

Posted by: Jacob Smith <smith@americancouncils.org>

Applications for the 2009 - 2010 Central Asian Turkic, Persian, and
Russian Overseas Flagship Programs are now available online at
http://flagship.americancouncils.org. Administered by American
Councils for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS in collaboration
with The Language Flagship and local partner universities, the Central
Asian Turkic Languages, Persian, and Russian Overseas Flagship
Programs address the critical need for U.S. professionals to be able
to speak, read, write, and understand these languages at the highest
levels of functional proficiency. These programs are designed to
raise the language proficiency of students to the "Superior" or
"Professional" level (ILR 3, 3+, 4) through an intensive program
tailored to students' professional interests and academic
specializations. The Persian program is located in Dushanbe,
Tajikistan; the Russian in St. Petersburg, Russia; and the Central
Asian Turkic Languages at several locations throughout Central Asia,
including Kyrgyz and Uzbek in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. Full fellowships are
available from The Language Flagship through the Institute of
International Education, and partial funding is available from the
U.S. Department of State (Title VIII), the US Department of Education
(Fulbright-Hays), and The Language Flagship through American Councils.

Applications are due January 16, 2009.

For more information please visit our website, send an e-mail to
flagship@americancouncils.org, or call at 202-833-7522.

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