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PROG. INFO.- China's Northern Frontier: Onsite Seminar, July 14-Aug. 5, 2009

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PROG. INFO.- China's Northern Frontier: Onsite Seminar, July 14-Aug. 5, 2009

Posted by: Adela Lee <>

With support from Yale University Council on East Asian Studies,
Beijing University and Silkroad Foundation have organized for summer
2009 a special field study program of China's northern frontier.
Border or Frontier Studies have attracted the attention of scholars
who focus both on China and on Inner Asia. The border region not only
marks the limits of the political and military power of ancient China,
but was also the area within which cultural contact took place between
Inner Asia and China proper. It was here in the border region that
nomadic peoples accumulated the power which enabled them to move into
China proper and establish their new dynasties. Therefore, along the
borders in northern and northwestern China there are numerous ancient
sites, including architecture, tombs, fortresses, petroglyphs, and
Buddhist caves, many of them strikingly well preserved.

This field program will travel and cover four provinces - Gansu,
Ninxia, Inner Mongolia, and Liaoning. With the help of local
archaeologists, this program will start from Lanzhou and travel along
the border to Shenyang, visiting more than thirty sites in three
weeks. In addition to the program director, Professor Luo Xin from
Beijing University, the invited speakers include Albert Dien, Mimi
Yiengpruksawan, Nancy Steinhardt, François Louis from the United
States, and Zheng Binglin, Zhang Defang, Luo Feng, Wei Zhong, Tian
Likun, and Tala from China.

The goal of the program is to examine the importance of this border
area in China, and promote the development of border studies through
an understanding of the new links between archaeological data and
Chinese written sources.

The official language of the program is English.

List of Lectures

Zheng Binglin (Lanzhou University): The Historical Landmarks of the
Gansu Corridor

Zhang Defang (the Archaeological Institute of Gansu Province): An
introduction to the Han woodslips in Gansu Province

Luo Xin (Peking University): The Changing Frontier: Between the Great
Wall and the Mongolian Gobi

Luo Feng (The Archaeological Institute of Ningxia Province): Guyuan:
The Stories Told by the Non-Chinese Tombs

Wei Zhong (Guyuan Museum): The Historical Sites in Guyuan and the New
Archaeological Discoveries

Albert Dien (Stanford University): The Life and Career of a Sabao, The
Case of Shijun

Tala (The Archaeological Institute of Inner Mongolia): Recent
Archaeological Discoveries Relating to Frontier Studies in Inner Mongolia

Albert Dien (Stanford University): Chinese Trade Goods among the Xiongnu

Nancy Steinhardt (University of Pennsylvania): Ten Liao Tombs and Why
They Are Important

François Louis (The Bard Graduate Center): Khitan Burials:
Perpetuating Dynastic Power

Tian Likun (The Archaeological Institute of Liaoning Province):
Chaoyang, the Key Frontier City for Peoples of Northeast China

Albert Dien (Stanford University): Ethnicity and Self-Identity: The
Murong Dynasties of the Northeast

Nancy Steinhardt (University of Pennsylvania): Liao Pagodas: Sources and Legacy

François Louis (The Bard Graduate Center): The Liao Dynasty's Crafts Industry


7/14 Check in in Lanzhou. Overnight in Lanzhou
7/15 Lecture. Overnight in Lanzhou
7/16 Gansu Museum. Bus to Tianshui, Nanguosi, Overnight in Tianshui
7/17 Maijishan Caves. Fuximiao. Overnight in Tianshui
7/18 Bus to Guyuan in Ningxia. Xumishan Caves, Overnight in Guyuan
7/19 Lecture day. Overnight in Guyuan
7/20 Bus to Yinchuan. Ningxia Museum. Overnight in Yinchuan
7/21 Xixia Imperial Tombs and Helanshan petroglyphs. Overning in Yinchuan
7/22 Bus to Baotou in Inner Mogolia. Wudangzhao. Overnight in Baotou
7/23 Bus to Huhhot. Dazhaosi and Huayanjingta.Overnight in Huhhot
7/24 Lecture day. Overnight in Huhhot
7/25 Museum. TBD. Overnight in Huhhot
7/26 Bus to Zhangjiakou in Hebei. Xuanhua Liao Tomb. Overnight in Zhangjiakou
7/27 Bus to Chengde. Overnight in Chengde. Puningsi. Overnight in Chengde
7/28 After visiting the Putuo Tample. Bus to Chifen. Damingta.
Overnight in Chifeng
7/29 Shangjing Ruin, Liao Caves and Liao Taizu Tomb. Overnight in Chifeng
7/30 Chifeng Museum, Bus to Chaoyang, Overnight in Chaoyang
7/31 Lecture day. Overnight in Chaoyang
8/1 North & south Pogodas. Fenghuangshan Ruin. Overnight in Chaoyang
8/2 Bus to Jinzho. Chongxingsi and Fengguosi. Overnight in Jinzhou.
8/3 Bus to Shenyang. Shenyang Palace. Overnight in Shenyang
8/4 Bus to Tonghua in Jilin Province. Koguryo Tombs. Overnight in Tonghua
8/5 Bus to Shenyang. Jingguangshelita. Overnight in Shenyang

Seminar Fee

The comprehensive seminar fee is $2740 for single and $2000 for double.


The online registration should be submitted to the Silkroad Foundation
by 1/1/2009. The full nonrefundable payment is due by 3/31/2009.
Maximum of thirty participants will be accepted.

To register, please visit Silkroad Foundation website:
http://www.silkroad foundation. org


Program Director
Professor Luo Xin, Beijing University

Silkroad Foundation

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