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PUBL.- Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst, Vol. 11, No. 2, 28 January 2009

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PUBL.- Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst, Vol. 11, No. 2, 28 January 2009

Posted by: Svante Cornell <>

Note: New Publications:

The Russian-Georgian War: Political and Military Implications for U.S.
Policy, Policy Paper by Jon E. Chicky, February 2009.

"Pipeline Power: The War in Georgia and the Future of the Caucasian
Energy Corridor", Svante E. Cornell, Georgetown Journal of
International Affairs, vol. 10 no. 1, Winter 2009.

Russian Eurasianism An Ideology of Empire
Marlène Laruelle, Woodrow Wilson Center Press, October 2008.

The 28 January issue of the Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst (Volume 11,
no. 2) is now online at The PDF version
of the entire issue is available at:

Full contents:

Analytical Articles

Financial Crisis Hits Uzbekistan
By Umida Hashimova

Kazakhstan Looks at the Trans-Caspian for Tengiz Gas to Europe
By Robert M. Cutler

Russian Economic Policy in the CIS during A Time of Troubles
By Stephen Blank

Russian Arms to Armenia Could Change Azerbaijan's Foreign Policy Orientation
By Fariz Ismailzade

Field Reports

Medvedev Visits Tashkent: A Thaw in Russian-Uzbek Relations?
By Erkin Akhmadov

Energy Update - Tajikistan: An Eye for an Eye?
By Sergey Medrea

Impasse in Georgia as International Missions May Withdraw
By Joanna Zeber

Gauging Integration of Electricity Markets in Central Asia
By Diana Bayzakova

News Digest:

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