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PANEL/CFP- ESCAS Panel Proposal on Landscape Issues in Central Asia

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PANEL/CFP- ESCAS Panel Proposal on Landscape Issues in Central Asia

Posted by: Jeanne Féaux de la Croix <>

[We regret the delay in distributing this posting; note the short deadline of
Feb. 12. --CEL]

Dear Colleagues,

Please find below an ESCAS panel proposal on landscape issues in
Central Asia, for which we are seeking submissions.

Panel proposal: Concepts of space and use of the environment in Central Asia
ESCAS conference, Budapest 3-5 September 2009

This panel will offer different theoretical approaches to thinking
about places in Central Asia. From archaeological deduction to
geographic city-mapping to phenomenological approaches in studying
peoples' relationship with places, thinking about place provides us
with a productive lens for thinking about different environments and
interactions. Central Asia offers a rich history and great variety of
examples of contested places, the meaning of mazars, mahallas,
mikrorayons, borders, routes and corridors of moving people, goods and
ideas, field and pasture systems, waterways and their management,
imagined Virgin Lands, Silk Roads, new and old seats of power.
Proposals that would give the panel an interdisciplinary character are
particularly welcome. Topics could reach from the politics of
archaeology to concepts of personhood, urban and rural livelihoods,
development strategies and policy-making, migration, religion and
group relations.

Please address your proposals to Rebecca Reynolds
and Jeanne Féaux de la Croix
by the 12th of Febuary.

Further details on the conference can be found at

Jeanne Feaux de la Croix
2F4, 185 Causewayside
Edinburgh EH9 1PH

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