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EVENT- Murderers in Mausoleums, The Globe Corner Bookstores, Talk and Book Signing, Feb. 5

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EVENT- Murderers in Mausoleums, The Globe Corner Bookstores, Talk and
Book Signing, Feb. 5

Posted by: Harriet Carrier <>

The Globe Corner Bookstores
Adventure Travel Lecture Series

Thursday, February 5th, 6:00 pm
Jeffrey Tayler - Murderers in Mausoleums

Event Summary:

Jeffrey Tayler, author of Murderers in Mausoleums: Riding the Back
Roads of Empire Between Moscow and Beijing, will talk about his
7200-mile overland trip.

Full Event Description:

Muscovite Jeffrey Tayler returns to the GCB to speak about another
amazing journey, his 7200-mile overland trip from Red Square to
Tiananmen Square. Tayler left Moscow in July 2006 and travelled
through southern Russia, Central Asia, and Northern China. He arrived
in Beijing in early October, in time to join thousands of visitors in
week-long National Day celebrations. He'll talk about people he met,
visits to cultural sites, and his modes of travel (train, bus, taxi,
and truck.) He'll discuss what he learned about people's sense of
their ethnic, national, and religious identities, as well as their
views of Moscow's and Beijing's influences on their lives.

A reception and book signing at our store (at 90 Mt. Auburn Street,
Harvard Square) will follow Jeffrey's presentation.

Information for the above event:

Date: Thursday, February 5th
Location: The First Parish Church, 3 Church Street, Harvard Square
Accessibility: Wheelchair Accessible
Time: 6 p.m..
Admission: Free
Addit. Info:,,

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