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PUBL.- Caucasian Review of International Affairs, Vol. 3, No. 1

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PUBL.- Caucasian Review of International Affairs, Vol. 3, No. 1

Posted by: Nasimi Aghayev <>

Vol. 3 (1) - Winter 2009 issue of the Caucasian Review of
International Affairs (CRIA) is now available on-line at .

The Table of Contents of the Issue is attached below.

Deadline for submission of papers for the next issue (Spring 2009) is
March 31, 2009. Manuscript guidelines can be found at:

Best regards,

Nasimi Aghayev

Caucasian Review of International Affairs
ISSN: 1865-6773

CRIA, vol. 3 (1), Winter 09

Table of Contents

Note from the Editor-in-Chief, Nasimi Aghayev
(http://cria- 6_1.html)

Research Papers

"Eastern Caspian Sea Energy Geopolitics: A Litmus Test for the
U.S.–Russia–China Struggle for the Geostrategic Control of Eurasia",
by Thrassy Marketos
(http://cria- 6_2.html )

"Battle of Two Logics: Appropriateness and Consequentiality in Russian
Interventions in Georgia",
by Robert Nalbandov
(http://cria- 6_3.html)

"Resolving Post-Soviet "Frozen Conflicts": Is Regional Integration
Helpful?" by Mykola Kapitonenko
(http://cria- 6_4.html)

"Diaspora Design versus Homeland Realities: Case Study of Armenian
Diaspora",by Bahar Baser & Ashok Swain
(http://cria- 6_5.html)

"Competing Islamic Traditions in the Caucasus",
by Dobroslawa Wiktor-Mach (http://cria- 6_6.html)

"Globalization and National Competitiveness of Georgia", by George
(http://cria- 6_7.html)

"External Powers' Influence upon the Reform and Political Elites in
Present Kyrgyzstan", by Irina Morozova
(http://cria- 6_8.html)


"The End of the Frozen Cold War?", by Vladimer Papava
(http://cria- 6_9.html)

"The Kosovo precedent - Applicable in Many Parts of the World, But Not
Directly in the South Caucasus", by Dominik Tolksdorf
(http://cria- 6_10.html)

"The Kosovo Precedent - Directly Applicable to Abkhazia and South
Ossetia", by Sebastian Schaeffer
(http://cria- 6_11.html)


"There has never been an unbiased Russian mediation in South
Caucasian conflicts", Interview with Dr. Martin Malek,
National Defense Academy, Austria (http://cria- 6_14.html)

Book Reviews (

The CRIA is a Germany-registered quarterly peer-reviewed free,
non-profit and online academic journal. The Review is committed to
promote a better understanding of the regional affairs by providing
relevant background information and analysis, as far as the Caucasus
in general, and the South Caucasus in particular are concerned. The
CRIA also welcomes lucid, well-documented papers on all aspects of
international affairs, from all political viewpoints.

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