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LECTURE SERIES- Music in the World of Islam, Razia Sultanova, U. of Leeds, Mar. 4-18

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LECTURE SERIES- Music in the World of Islam, R. Sultanova, U of Leeds, Mar 4-18

Posted by: Razia Sultanova <>

The School of Music, University of Leeds presents:

Series of lectures: Music in the World of Islam

By Dr Razia Sultanova, Central Asian Forum, Cambridge University

In March on Wednesdays at 11.00-13.00

This new Lecture Series considers contemporary music trends in the
Muslim world, based on first-hand material, offering a fresh look at
the 'hot spots' of the Central Asia: Afghanistan, Uzbekistan,
Tajikistan and the Caucasus: Chechnya and Dagestan. It explores little
known genres of contemporary music from Islamic guerrillas' songs to
devotional Sufi chanting of Naqshbandia and Qadirya.

4th of March:

>From Shamanism to Sufism:
Music in the World of Islam

11th of March:

Women, Islam and Music:
>From Female Rituals to Dancing Girls

18th of March:

>From Militant Anthems to Rap and Energetic Hip-Hop:
Music in the Modern Muslim World

Dr Razia Sultanova is a Fellow at Central Asia Forum, University of
Cambridge. Specialising on Central Asian music, religion and gender
issues, she is the author of large number of articles in Uzbek,
Russian, German, French and English. Her monograph "From Shamanism to
Sufism: Islam and Woman in Central Asian Culture" will be published by
I B Tauris in 2009.

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