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PUBL.- Central Asia and the Caucasus, No. 1, 2009

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PUBL.- Central Asia and the Caucasus, No. 1, 2009

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Please find the contents of no. 1(55), 2009 of the 'Central Asia and the
Caucasus' journal (in English and Russian) below. The issue will be
published in the first decade of March.

Central Asia and the Caucasus
Journal of Social and Political Studies
No. 1 (55), 2009

In This Issue:

The "Five-day War" and Prospects for Peace in the Caucasus

Lasha Tchantouridze. It does not take a Prophet: War and Peace in the Caucasus

Kornely Kakachia. The Russo-Georgian Five-day War: The Price to Be
Paid and Its Unintended Consequences

Alexander Skakov. The August Crisis in the Caucasus and Its Consequences

Savas Genç. Significance of the Georgian-South Ossetian Conflict for
Turkish Foreign Policy

Religion and Society

Mukhit Asanbaev, Liazat Umirzakova. New Form of Religious Extremism in
Kazakhstan: Destructive Sects and Cults

Igor Dobaev. The Northern Caucasus: Spread of Jihad

Regional Politics

Pavel Varbanets. A Turkic Alliance: Possible Alternative to Turkey's
Unrealized EU Membership?

Kenan Allahverdiev. The Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict in the Context of
Retrospective Ethno-Geopolitics

Gulsana Tulepbergenova. The Greater Central Asia Project: Present
State and Evolution

Robert Guang Tian. Xinjiang and Its Role in Greater Central Asian
Regional Economic Cooperation

Marat Nurgaliev. Japan's Prospects in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization


Beka Chedia. Dilemma of the Georgian Elections: Political
Transformations or a Slide Toward Non-Liberal Democracy

Lydia Karmazina. Institutionalization of the Party System in
Kazakhstan and Russia: A Comparative Analysis (Part II)

Baktykhan Torogeldieva. The Formation and Nature of Political Culture
in Present-Day Kyrgyzstan

Ghelman Akhmedov. Civil Nation in the Context of National
Consciousness: The Republic of Uzbekistan


The Special Feature section in the next issues will discuss:

* Security Issues in Central Eurasia

* Russia, the U.S., and the EU: Their Policy in Central Eurasia

* CIS, EurAsEC, GUAM, and BSECO Regional Organizations: Their Role in
the Integration Processes in Central Eurasia

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