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LECTURE SERIES- Night Terrors and the Rude Awakening of Global Capitalism, SRC-AUCA, Bishkek, Mar. 16-20

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LECTURE SERIES- Night Terrors and Rude Awakening of Global Capitalism, SRC-AUCA

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The Social Research Center (SRC) ( and
Sociology Department of American University of Central Asia present:

"Night Terrors and the Rude Awakening of Global Capitalism"

Professor Dr. Charles Lemert
Language: English


Capitalism has always been a global enterprise, never more so than in
the 2000s. Yet, with the financial crisis of 2008 the ability of
capitalism as a system of capital accumulation and economic growth has
been thrown into doubt. The crisis, thereby, affects both the core
states of the capitalist systems from Europe to East Asia, and the
still developing regions of the world economy. For them, the
classically modern dream of "a better world," in both its socialist
and liberal versions, is rapidly becoming a nightmare. The terrors of
the coming period of economic and global uncertainty are not (as US
propaganda under the Bush regime has insisted) the organized attacks
of the modern world's cultural opponents. As serious as terrorism may
be, the true night terrors of the current situation are the
degradations of social hope on the global peripheries in Africa, parts
of Latin America and the Caribbean, South East Asia, and parts of
Central Asia. Once considered simply under- and undeveloped, these
regions today have fallen into recurring cycles of disease, civil
strife, economic exclusion, and resource depletion. Their empty urban
assemblages are loose confederations of the more-than-poor few no real
stakes in the wider communities of human social life. These regions
challenge the very principles of international order, democratic
governance, and state power. The lectures will examine in detail these
concerns as well as the general theory of globalization and the future
prospects for global peace and prosperity.

Bio: Dr. Charles Lemert is the Andrus Professor of Sociology at
Wesleyan University in USA and is the author of many widely read
books, including, most recently, Thinking the Unthinkable; Deadly
Worlds; The Emotional Costs of Globalization; Dark Thoughts: Race and
the Eclipse of Society; and Postmodernism Is Not What You Think: How
Globalization Threatens Modernity.

Schedule of lectures:

Monday, March 16, Room 403
"The Dream of a Better World"

Tuesday, March 17, Room 403
"Nature's Rude Limits: Waste, Excrement, Death"

Wednesday, March 18, Room 403
"State Power and the Right to Exclude"

Thursday, March 19, Room 403
"Globalization and the Colonization of the Human"

Friday, March 20, Room 403
"The Future of the Worlds"

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