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JOB- Resident Director, American Councils, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

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JOB- Resident Director, American Councils, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Posted by: Jacob Smith <>

Resident Director
Location: Dushanbe, Tajikistan
FLSA Status: Exempt

Position Description


The Dushanbe Resident Director serves as the American Councils
representative and in-country Program Director for participants on the
Persian Overseas Flagship Program and the Eurasian Regional Language
Program. The Flagship programs are for learners already at the
advanced level of proficiency in Persian and the Eurasian Regional
Language Program offers course work for learners of Persian, Tajiki,
Uzbek or Dari at the intermediate or advanced level. The Dushanbe
Resident Director represents American Councils in his/her actions and
words during the tenure of appointment. He/she must be available to
program participants on a daily basis; observe student classes and
meet regularly with teachers, administrators, and students; and
arrange group travel and cultural programs. The Dushanbe Resident
Director must be available to participants during any emergencies that
arise and must communicate regularly with the American Councils
Tajikistan Country Director and Academic Coordinator and the Flagship
and Outbound program staff in Washington, DC. Applicants with
extensive experience in curriculum development and/or foreign language
teaching may also be asked to develop curricula, syllabi and
advanced-level course materials for Persian, Tajik and/or Uzbek. Prior
to departure for Tajikistan, the Dushanbe Resident Director must
attend two American Councils orientation programs: one for resident
directors and one for participants. He/she must travel to Tajikistan
with the student group at the beginning of the program and return to
Washington, DC with the group at the end of the program. The Dushanbe
Resident Director reports to the Flagship and Outbound Senior Program Managers.

Anticipated Employment Dates:

Late May 2009 - mid June 2010 with possible continuation into the
following academic year or summer. Applicants for only summer 2009
will also be considered.

Primary Responsibilities

* Serve as academic and personal advisor for American Councils
program participants;
* Serve as a liaison between American Councils and the host institute
administration to ensure that the academic program proceeds as agreed;
* Coordinate closely with Dushanbe-based staff to arrange travel,
internships, and classroom audits for students;
* Observe classes;
* Secure medical treatment for students as necessary;
* Enforce American Councils rules and policies;
* Communicate regularly with the American Councils Washington office,
reporting any problems regarding participants' health, academic
performance, or behavior, and providing general group/program updates;
* Within two weeks of program conclusion submit a final report,
program grades and test scores;
* Ensure that an excursion program is arranged as agreed upon and
outlined in American Councils materials;
* Manage program finances and submit monthly expense reports
accounting for all program expenditures;
* Coordinate all program logistics and communicate logistical details
to DC-based staff;
* Depending on experience, the resident director may be asked to work
with the Academic Coordinator to develop curricula, syllabi, and
advanced-level course materials for Persian, Tajiki, and/or Uzbek.


* Bachelor's degree or higher in Persian, Tajiki, and/or Uzbek
language or area studies or equivalent;
* Advanced Persian, Tajiki, and/or Uzbek skills -- written and oral;
* Knowledge of Russian is preferred;
* Study, work, or extensive travel experience in Central Asia;
* Experience overseeing and guiding groups;
* Demonstrated skills in academic and personal counseling;
* Demonstrated skills in general financial accountability; and
* Experience teaching or developing curricula for Persian, Tajiki,
and/or Uzbek.

More Information:

Please visit our employment section at
and read more about Flagship at

To Apply:

Send letter/resume and salary requirements to HR Department, American
Councils, 1776 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20036.
Fax: 202-872-9178 or 202-833-7523; email:

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