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LECTURE- Globalization Is Great, Tom Palmer, SRC, AUCA, Bishkek, Feb. 9

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LECTURE- Globalization Is Great, Tom Palmer, SRC, AUCA, Bishkek, Feb. 9

Posted by: Social Research Center - AUCA <src@mail.auca.kg>

The Social Research Center (SRC) at American University of Central Asia
(www.src.auca.kg) together with the Free Market Institute presents:

LECTURE: Globalization is great!

Dr. Tom G. Palmer, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute

Time: 5 p.m., February 9, 2009
Venue: Room 315, AUCA (Main Building)
Language: English


It's common for opponents of globalization to use the term as a catchall for
all the features of human life that they don't like; while at the same time
they enjoy many of the fruits of globalization from goods to music to foods.
The core policy issue is whether a border should be used to stop
transactions that would be allowed if both parties were on the same side of
it. To learn the answer come and hear Dr.Palmer's take on this.

Bio: Dr. Tom Palmer holds Ph.D. in Politics from Oxford University. At
present, Dr. Palmer is the senior fellow at the Cato Institute, director of
the Cato Institute Byrne Project on Middle East Liberty, and the cato.ru
project. In 1995-1999 served as the director of special projects, Cato
Institute, and as the director of Cato University. Some other activities
include the membership in the Editorial Board, Institute for Dissemination
of Information on Social and Economic Sciences (Moscow); Board of Directors,
Foundation for Economic Education; Scientific Advisory Board, Turgot
Institute (Paris). Selected recent publications are "Challenges of
Democratization," Alrai Al Aaam (and other Middle Eastern papers), September
2, 2006, "John Locke Lite," Reason, January 2005 (review of Michael Otsuka,
Libertarianism Without Inequality) and Globalization and Culture:
Homogeneity, Diversity, Identity, Liberty (Berlin: Liberales Institut, 2004)
(also published in Spanish, Arabic, and Russian).

How to register: Please send RSVP to pss@mail.auca.kg with your name and

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