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CONF./CFP- Civil Society and Reconciliation in Comparative Perspective, LSE, London, June 4

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CONF./CFP- Civil Society and Reconciliation in Comparative Perspective, June 4

Posted by: Armine Ishkanian <>

Call for Papers

Civil Society and Reconciliation in Comparative Perspective

London School of Economics

4th June 2009

The Centre for Civil Society invites participants for this forthcoming
international conference which investigates civil society and
reconciliation in a comparative perspective. The conference will
explore the dynamics of reconciliation, transitional justice and civil
society in a global context. Much of the transitional justice
literature tends to be state-centric often focusing on intra-state
issues of truth-seeking, retribution and reconciliation after mass
atrocity. This conference will explore the role of civil societies in
reconciliation processes. In doing so, it will push the discussion
beyond a normative perspective to examine the full spectrum of roles
played by civil society actors including supporting dialogue and
reconciliation as well as breeding discord and intolerance.
We seek papers that address the following questions and topics:

* What are the different roles civil society actors play in
reconciliation efforts?
* How do historical legacies and collective memories of conflict and
violence prevent movement toward reconciliation?
* How are narratives of the past portrayed and taught in history
books? What is the relationship between public memory and individual
* What is the relationship between state actors and civil society
that are engaged in reconciliation?
* How does foreign funding of civil society organizations affect how
they are perceived and how they work?
* What is the role of diaspora based civil society organizations in
post-conflict reconciliation efforts?
* Is the process of reconciliation finite?

Papers are invited on any of these topics. Interested academics and
researchers are kindly requested to indicate their interest by
submitting an abstract of no more than 250 words, along with a short
biography by 25th March 2009 to Dr Armine Ishkanian:

Applicants will be informed soon afterwards about whether their
abstract has been accepted.

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