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JOURNAL/CFP.- Kazakhstan in Global Processes, Volume 4 (18), 2008

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JOURNAL/CFP.- Kazakhstan in Global Processes, Volume 4 (18), 2008

Posted by: Askar Abdrakhmanov <>

The Institute for World Economy and Politics (IWEP) at the Foundation
of First President of Kazakhstan informs about publication of the
volume 4 (18) of its "Kazakhstan v globalnykh protsessakh" (Kazakhstan
in Global Processes) journal. It is currently available at

The journal is in Russian but English abstracts of about 300 words are
available at the same link mentioned above.

The journal covers up-to-date topics in global economy, international
relations and politics in foreign countries with the aim of defining
worldwide and regional trends having their impact on Kazakhstan and
Central Asia. The previous volumes are available online on Currently the journal has its version in Russian only.

We now collect articles for the volume 1 (2009). The texts for
consideration can be on variety of topics mentioned above.

The length of articles should not exceed 5 000 words. The texts should
be in Russian. But in exceptional cases texts in English (maximum of 3
000 words) can be translated by editors. An article should be
accompanied by an English abstract of about 300 words. Deadline for
contributions to volume 1 (2009) is March 15.

For more information please contact office(at) or
askar.abdrakhmanov(at) The journal's executive editor is
Askar Abdrakhmanov

Below you can find the contents of the current issue.

Kazakhstan in Global Processes

Vol. 4 (18), 2008

Global Financial Crisis: Analysing Sources and Searching Ways Out

Vyacheslav Dodonov. Global financial crisis: external manifestations
and fundamental reasons

Murat Laumulin. Ways out of the global financial crisis

Economic Processes Under Globalisation

Dariya Mukahmedzhanova. Kazakhstan in geoeconomic space: new aspects
of international cooperation

Ildar Dauranov. Conceptual bases of strategic state management:
priorities and mechanisms

Zaure Chulanova. Some aspects of educational system in public welfare societies

Religion in Contemporary Society

Assylbek Izbairov, Skandarbek Ayazbekov. Peculiarities of religious
situation in Kazakhstan

Anatoly Kossichenko. Impact of religion on contemporary world

Mukhit Assanbayev, Lazzat Umirzakova. Modern mystical and occult views
and beliefs

Problems of International Development in Global and Regional Contexts

Konstantin Syroezhkin. Features of personnel politics of the "fourth
generation" of party leadership in PRC

Askar Nursha. Russo-Chinese relations: modern state and prospects for future

Galiya Dosmukhambetova. Russia's strategy in post-soviet space:
language as a foreign policy tool

Gulsana Tulepbergenova. US-Azerbaijani relations in providing
security: historical retrospect, current state and prospects for future

Pressing Issues of Domestic Politics

Yerzhan Issakulov. Improving personnel policy of the state organs

Aidar Amrebayev. Role of branding in promoting positive image for Kazakhstan

Vyacheslav Belonovski. The issue of electoral legislation as a branch
of constitutional law

Maxat Kassen. Ways to diminish inequality in information access in Kazakhstan

Book Review

Murat Laumulin. Kazakhstan: History of Authority

Experts' Opinion

Assemgul Yessenbayeva. Factors and trends in development of
Kazakhstani party system. Results of the survey

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