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JOURNAL/CFP- Civil Society in Armenia, Armenian Review; Deadline: Apr. 15, 2009

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JOURNAL/CFP- Civil Society in Armenia, Armenian Review; Deadline: Apr. 15, 2009

Posted by: Armenian Review Editor <>

Call for Papers

The past decade witnessed a rise in scholarship on the development of
civil society in the post-Soviet space, in general, and in Armenia,
specifically. Civil society in Armenia has become active in the past
several years due to both internal and external factors. In addition
to NGOs, today social movements, networks of activists, grassroots
associations, and other groups are becoming involved in public debates
and policy advocacy. Although in the early years of independence most
NGOs were involved in providing humanitarian assistance, today the
majority of NGOs in Armenia are engaged in development and advocacy
projects as they strive to address the problems facing society as well
as the structural, political and socio-economic causes of those
problems. The mass demonstrations following the 2008 presidential
election indicate a growing number of civil society groups in Armenia
are advocating for good governance and greater respect for human rights.

We seek papers that explore the increasing role and relevance of civil
society actors in Armenia and Armenian life. The Armenian Review
invites scholars and activists to submit papers addressing the many
aspects of civil society including:

1. The role of civil society in socioeconomic and/or political
developments in Armenia
2. The relevance of the Diaspora organizations, political parties or
individuals in the development of civil society in Armenia
3. Civil society in cyberspace: What are the roles of blogs and online
networking websites in creating an active civil society in Armenia?
4. The role of civil society in conflict resolution (in the case of
Nagorno-Karabakh, Turkish-Armenian relations or internal political
conflict in Armenia)
5. Comparative studies of civil society development in the former
Soviet Union highlighting their role in peaceful regime change (better
known as "colourful revolutions")
6. Civil society and youth mobilization
7. Gender and civil society
8. Regional civic, grassroots networks

Interested authors should submit their manuscripts to the editor at by April 15, 2009. Submissions will be
reviewed anonymously by at least two reviewers and the authors will be
informed of any decision by May 15, 2009. The final submission date of
the revised articles will be June 30, 2009. Please visit the
"submission guidelines" page on for details on
submission, format and style.

The Armenian Review is an English language, multidisciplinary, peer
reviewed journal published since 1948 and dedicated to exploring
issues related to Armenia and Armenians. Articles dealing with
countries and themes other than Armenia and Armenians are welcome if
they have a comparative approach or elucidate the Armenian experience.

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