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PUBL.- The China and Eurasia Forum Quarterly, February 2008

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PUBL.- The China and Eurasia Forum Quarterly, February 2008

Posted by: Nicklas Norling <>

The Central Asia-Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Program
( is pleased to announce the release of the
February 2008 issue of the China and Eurasia Forum Quarterly. The
issue is online at either of the following links:

The PDF-version of the entire issue is available at:

Contributions to this issue include:

Durability in China's Strategy toward Central Asia­Reasons for Optimism
Robert Sutter

How Financial Alchemy Engineered a Central Asian Credit Crunch
Maria Kielmas

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization: A Threat to American Interests
in Central Asia?
Gene Germanovich

China's Investments in Russia: Where do they go and how Important are they?
Libor Krkoska and Yevgenia Korniyenko

Pashtunistan, NATO and the Global War on Terror: "If you don't fight,
you cannot have peace in Afghanistan"
Michael Mihalka

Kazakh-Chinese Energy Relations: Economic Pragmatism or Political Cooperation?
Zhanibek Saurbek

Big business and high-level politics in Kazakhstan: an everlasting symbiosis?
Heidi Kjærnet, Dosym Satpaev and Stina Torjesen

The China and Eurasia Forum is an independent forum which seeks to
bring together regional experts, academics, government policy makers,
and business leaders with an interest in the growing relationship
between China and Eurasia. The forum is affiliated to the Central
Asia-Caucasus Institute and the Silk Road Studies Program.

Focusing primarily on Sino-Central Asian, Sino-Russian, and
Sino-Caucasian relations, the goal of the CEF Quarterly is to foster
discussion and information sharing between a geographically distant
community that recognizes the significance of China's emergence in
this important part of the world.

The editor invites longer analytical articles of approximately 7000
words or shorter more concrete articles on approximately 2000 words.
The next issue will be out in May 2008. Authors are encouraged to
submit interesting and thought-provoking articles for review to

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