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JOB- Consultancy Work on Financing Inclusive Education in Georgia, OSI-Education Support Program

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JOB- Consultancy Work on Financing Inclusive Education in Georgia, OSI-ESP

Posted by: Gordana Miljevic <>

Dear Colleagues,

Please find below a call for applicants for the consultancy work on
financing inclusive education in Georgia.

The deadline for application is April 29th.

Applications in English should be sent to:

Education Support Program,

Abbreviated Terms of Reference (Contact ESP for full TOR)

The National Curriculum and Assessment Centre (NCAC) Inclusive
Education Project seeks an international expert to develop costing
models and effectiveness estimates and to assist the project in
developing the implementation plan for activities in the field.

The technical assistance of the international expert will be
concentrated in two areas. The first and more urgent is the need to
review the current pilot of inclusive education with the goal of
assessing whether additional financial support to the participating
schools is necessary for teacher retraining, for changed teaching
process and other issues, beyond the non-financial support which the
pilot schools presently receive. If such additional support is
necessary, the consultant will: assess the specific needs of the pilot
schools, propose possible financing mechanisms, develop the auditing
and reporting procedures so that the additional financing serves the
goals of the pilot (these will include the needs to widen the pilot
beyond the pilot phase).

The second area is the long term financing of inclusive education in
the framework of on-going reform of education finance in Georgia. Here
the main goal will be to see how various international models of
financing inclusive education can be implemented within the current
voucher system and its possible future amendments.


* To review the current pilot of inclusive education and assess the
needs of participating schools.
* To formulate possible options regarding additional financial
support to pilot schools (modes of delivery, use of the funds,
auditing and reporting procedures).
* To review the existing models of education financing and management
and the theoretical constructs in the field, to provide and compare
alternative models and design choices for inclusive education and to
review them in the light of education finance reforms currently
implemented in Georgia.
* To propose a methodology to define and estimate costs in various
models of inclusive education programs and the supporting services,
based on different types of disabilities, on regional variation of
education input costs and on different institutional models of
inclusive education.
* To review and present the reporting and auditing tools that enable
the monitoring of inclusive education finances within the national
budgets. Financial management must be clarified with a sustainable
strategy of how resources should be used.
* To present the analytic models in a spreadsheet format that will
allow comparisons of various options.
* To prepare the various estimates for the NCAC review.


* Advanced degree in education and/or education economics;
* Extensive knowledge and experience with decentralized education
systems and education financing, particularly in the transition
countries of former Soviet Union, Central and Eastern Europe;
* Full understanding of inclusive education principles and practice
* Experience in education policy and finance;
* Experience in conducting and presenting international comparative studies;
* Excellent written and oral communication in English;
* International experience in consulting on education policy and
finance issues;
* Experience in working in the former Soviet Union, CEE and SEE
countries is an asset
* Effective communication with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds
* Excellent organizational skills and respect of deadlines
* Ability to travel

Gordana Miljevic
Senior Program Manager
Education Support Program
H-1051 Budapest
6 October str 12
tel: +36 1 327 3100/2341
Fax +361 1 235 6147

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