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LECTURE- Looking to the Future: Will the 21st Century be the Century of the Europeans?, AUCA-SRC, Bishkek, April 30

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LECTURE- Will the 21st Century be the Century of Europeans?, Bishkek, April 30

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LECTURE: Looking to the Future: Will the 21st Century be the Century of the

SPEAKER: Dr. Franz Eichinger, PhD, Ambassador (retired), Guest Lecturer at
the American University of Central Asia, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Time: 17.00, April 30th, 2008
Venue: 315, AUCA (Main Building)
Language: English (Translation into Russian will be provided)

Abstract: The European Union is often called one of the greatest
achievements of modern history. At the same time it is an "unidentified
political object." This lecture will focus on the role of the EU in the
world. As a point of departure, it will briefly outline where the EU stands
and what is new about it in political and historical terms. What are the
strengths and weaknesses of the EU as a regional and global actor? What
vision for the EU do they suggest? Will it become another superpower, a
"network power" or a junior partner of the US? The EU lacks the military
strength of a superpower and the strong identity of a national state. One of
the important questions is: To which extent will these two factors be
necessary for the EU to play a leading role in the 21st century, which will
be characterized by growing globalization, interdependence and diversity of
players in international relations? In the speaker's opinion, the EU is well
equipped for such a role, particularly if it will be able to meet some of
the major challenges lying ahead of it.

Bio: Dr. Franz Eichinger received his Diploma in Business Administration at
Munich University. In 1970, he completed his PhD at the same university on
the conflictual aspects of mergers between business companies. In the past,
he worked as First Secretary at the German Embassy in Nairobi, Head of
Cultural Section at the German Embassy in Oslo, and as Counselor in the EC
Department at the Federal Foreign Office. From 1986 to 1988, he was German
Ambassador Sierra Leone, West Africa. Later, he became the Deputy Head of
Department of EU External Relations at the Federal Foreign Office. From 1991
to 1993, he was Head of the Economic and Commercial Department, German
Embassy in Warsaw. During the next seven years (1993 - 2000), he was Head of
Department at the EU External Relations, Federal Foreign Office. In 2000, he
became a Director in the EU Council General Secretariat, in charge of EU
relations with Mediterranean, Middle East/Gulf, Africa, and Asia. From 2004
to 2006, he was the German Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan. Starting from 2006, he
is a Guest Lecturer at AUCA.

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