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JOB- Academic Leader in Sociology, Educational Center "Bilim-Central Asia", Almaty

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JOB- Academic Leader in Sociology, Educational Ctr "Bilim-Central Asia", Almaty

Posted by: Zulfia Karimova <>

JOB: Academic Leader in Sociology of Educational Center "Bilim-Central
Asia" based in Almaty. Deadline: 31 May 2008

The Educational Center "Bilim-Central Asia" in Almaty, Kazakhstan
seeks a candidate for the position of Academic Leader in Sociology for
its social science faculty and resource development unit, the Central
Asian Resource Center.

The Educational Center "Bilim-Central Asia" is a non-profit
organization consisting of three units: Educational Advising Center
(EAC), Educational Policy Analysis Center (EPAC), and Central Asian
Resource Center (CARC). The NGO activities are aimed at providing
higher and secondary educational policy analysis, consultancy
services, and developing social science faculty in Central Asia.

The academic leader will work under the Director to develop a number
of activities, such as training workshops in innovative teaching and
curriculum development; development of discipline specific summer
schools, seminars and other academic events; the building of academic
networks, newsletters and information gathering to assist access to
information and ideas throughout the region, etc. Candidates will be
Central Asian, who have either a western degree or considerable
western academic experience; a PhD or equivalent; some knowledge and
understanding of new teaching and curriculum development methods;
teaching or training experience; and have excellent command of English
and Russian.

Job Description:

The Academic Leader will be responsible for the development and
implementation of the strategic plan for the discipline area in the
framework of a broader strategic plan of the Central Asian Resource

More specifically, s/he will be expected to perform the following:

* Develop ideas and projects for the development of the discipline
* Either include such ideas for internal funding, or seek external
funding (or matching funding) as the Board agrees
* Seek and provide access to information on new content, ideas,
books, or other relevant information connected with the discipline
* Share in the writing of a newsletter providing the above
information and ideas
* Develop and maintain a network of professional associates
throughout Central Asia Develop and maintain a network of
faculties/departments in the relevant discipline throughout Central
* Develop and maintain a network of academic colleagues and
institutions in relevant places overseas (e.g. CEU, HESP Network
Institutions et al) in co-operation with the Director
* Develop and maintain materials appropriate for teaching and
curriculum design
* Develop and deliver training workshops to Central Asian faculty in
discipline content, teaching methods and curriculum design
* Develop and maintain contacts with colleagues in other relevant
International Organizations in Central Asia in co-operation with the
* Provide information and support for research ideas and initiatives
* Develop and maintain core course readers in the relevant discipline
* Collect and disseminate relevant core curricula

The candidates are encouraged to apply electronically, quoting the job
title on subject line and attaching a cover letter explaining their
interest in the job and a CV with the list of referees to the email
address by 31 May, 2008.

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