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PUBL.- Turkish Policy Quarterly: Europe's East: Changing Landscapes and Mindscapes in the Caucasus

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PUBL.- Turkish Policy Quarterly: Europe's East (The Caucasus)

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Turkish Policy Quarterly

Fall 2007 - Europe's East: Changing Landscapes and Mindscapes in the Caucasus

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>From the Desk of the Editor, Diba Nigar Göksel

A Future Vision for the Caucasus Caspian Region and its European
Dimension, The Caucasus-Caspian Commission

A New Way for the Caspian Region: Cooperation and Integration, Elmar

Think instead of Tanks, Goran Buldioski

Georgia's Railway to NATO Passes through Turkey, David J. Smith

Weakness as an Opportunity: EU Policy in the South Caucasus, Sascha Tamm

Democratization and the Conflict of Nagorno-Karabakh, Tigran Mkrtchyan

Energy Security: A New Buzzword for Europe, Khazar Ibrahim

Law and Revolution: Formation of the New Legal Tradition in Georgia,
Giorgi Meladze

Is Azerbaijan Becoming a Hub of Radical Islam? Arzu Geybullayeva

Georgia Four Years After the Rose Revolution, Keti Tsikhelashvili

Effective Management of Resource Wealth in Democratizing Countries, Ebru Ilhan

Various Voices on Turkey-Armenia Relations, Various

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