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GRANTS- The Open Society Institute, Central Eurasia Project

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GRANTS- The Open Society Institute, Central Eurasia Project

Posted by: Kristin Whitehead <>

Call for Proposals: Central Eurasia Project
January 5, 2009

The Open Society Institute Central Eurasia Project offers grants to
international and regional NGOs, academic institutions, think tanks and
other structures to help build local capacity, to bring international
expertise to bear on the region, and to promote cooperation between
local activists and international civic movements in the fields of human
rights, labor migration, electricity and hydropower governance, and
social and economic rights. The ultimate goal of such activity is to
strengthen civic leaders in the region and construct support networks
for them within international structures and movements.

The Central Eurasia Project's grantmaking generally dovetails with its
research and advocacy agenda. While the project does not preset funding
ceilings, it encourages applicant organizations to demonstrate funding
from other donors. Both single and multi-year proposals are accepted. In
2009, Central Eurasia Project funds are available in the following
programmatic areas:

- Supporting Human Rights
- Labor Migration
- Electricity and Hydropower Governance
- Social and Economic Rights
- Uzbekistan
- Turkmenistan

Deadline: February 2, 2009

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