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CONF./CFP- Kazakhstan on the Silk Road, Almaty, June 29-30, 2009

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CONF./CFP- Kazakhstan on the Silk Road, Almaty, June 29-30, 2009

Posted by: Kazakhstan on the Silk Road Conference <shighistanu@fastmail.kz>

The Institute of Oriental Studies, named for R. B. Suleimanov
(Ministry of Education and Science, Republic of Kazakhstan) and the
Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences
in cooperation with the International Dunhuang Liaison Committee for
Dunhuang Studies will hold the international conference "Kazakhstan on
the Silk Road" in Almaty during June 29-30, 2009.

Topics to be discussed:

1. The History of Silk Road and its importance for civilizational
contacts and cultural development

2. Written monuments and archaeological sources on the history of Central Asia

3. Traces of ancient civilizations in the territory of Kazakhstan and
other parts of Central Asia

4. The history of regional studies: expeditions, archives, collections

5. Latest research.

Scholars should send both the subject of their paper and their
personal information (name, organization, post address, phone number,
academic position, e-mail address) in Russian or in English to
shighistanu@mail.ru or by fax + (3272) 61-46-00. The deadline is
March 1, 2009.

Working language of the conference is English.

The Board cannot pay for any expenses incurred by conference participants.

Post Address of Organizing Board:
Republic of Kazakhstan Kurmangazy 29, Almaty, the Institute of
Oriental Studies

Phone number (+7-727) 261-16-01
Fax (+7-727) 261-46-00
E-mail: shighistanu@mail.ru

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