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CONF.- 16th Annual ACES Central Eurasian Studies Conference, Bloomington, Feb. 28

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CONF.- 16th Annual ACES Central Eurasian Studies Conf., Bloomington, Feb. 28

Posted by: Association of Central Eurasian Students <>

The Association of Central Eurasian Students at Indiana University
cordially invites you to attend the:

16th Annual ACES Central Eurasian Studies Conference
28 February 2009

Indiana University, Bloomington
Complete information:

ACES is grateful for the support of the following individuals,
departments, and organizations at Indiana University: The Ottoman and
Modern Turkish Studies Chair, East Asian Languages and Cultures, the
Department of History, the Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource
Center, the Sinor Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies, the
Indiana University Student's Association, the Graduate and
Professional Student Organization, and the Indiana Memorial Union.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Michael Khodarkhovsky, Loyola University Chicago

Panels, Presenters, and Papers:

Panel: Language Pedagogy

Malik Hodjaev (Indiana University): Effective Use of Technology in
Uzbek Language Instruction

Rahmon Inomkhojayev (Indiana University): Some Problems and Solutions
of a Distance Language Class

Tserenchunt Legden (Indiana University): Modal Particles Common for
Spoken Mongolian

Panel: Minority Communities

Lennea Carty (Indiana University): On the Decline of Ottoman Jewry in
the Late Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

Benjamin Lazarus (Georgetown University): Turkey's IDP Crisis: The
Consequences of Internal Displacement for Turkish Society

Rob Dunbar (Indiana University): Shi'a Muslim Enslavement in 19th
Century Bukhara

David Straub (Indiana University): Religious Dissent in Tajikistan in
the Late Soviet Period

Panel: Issues in Contemporary Kazakhstan

Zamzagul Kashkimbaeva: Linguistic aspects of cross-cultural
communication in multilingual Kazakhstan

Alla Kim: Psychology in Kazakhstan

Svetlana Belenkova: Teaching Medical Students in Kazakhstan

Ainur Abdrazakova: Internationalization of education in Kazakhstan

Gulmira Sheryazdanova: Democracy in Kazakhstan

Natalya Borgul: Polylingual Education in multinational Kazakhstan

Panel: Music

Elise Anderson (Indiana University): Singing the Homeland: Music and
musicians in Uyghur diaspora communities

Colin Legerton (Indiana University): Musical Canon Formation of the
Uyghur Diaspora Web

Jessie Wallner (Indiana University): Musicians in Lhasa's Nang-ma'i
Skyid-sdug and Skyor-mo-lung Musical Associations and their Relevance
to Present-day Tibetan Performing Arts

Panel: Integration and Development

Ivan Peshkov (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznañ): Conservative
Adaptation Trap. Poverty in Unrestructured Transition Economies with
Traditional Sectors. The Cases of Mongolia, Northern and Northeastern
China, and Siberia.

Delgerjargal Uvsh (University of Notre Dame): Amartya Sen's Theory of
Development and Status of Mongolian Nomadic Herders' Development since

Navruz Nekbakhtshoev (Indiana University): Explaining the Dynamic of
Minority Radicalization in Tajikistan and Moldova

Matthew Price (Indiana University): The Loss of the Grey Areas:
Changes in state control over Islamic institutions in Soviet and
post-Soviet Central Asia

Panel: Soviet and Post-Soviet Society

Michael Hancock (Indiana University): The Future of Balkhash

Baktybek Isakov (Harvard University): Nomadic Society during
Collectivization: Changes in the Role of Individual Autonomy in
Pastoral Kyrgyz Families during Soviet Times

Kristine Kohlmeier (Indiana University): Internet Libel Law in Tajikistan

Aziz Burkhanov (Indiana University): Formal and Informal Presidential
Powers in post-Soviet Area: the Problem of Measuring

Panel: Societies & Cultures of Xinjiang

Tim Grose (Indiana University): The Xinjiang Class: Education,
Integration, and the Uyghurs

Gulnisa Nazarova (Indiana University): On Uyghur Nicknames

Eitan Plasse (Harvard University): Interpreting Signs on the Silk
Road: Xinjiang Ethnic Minorities' Perceptions of Post-Soviet Central

Panel: Islam and Society

Nur Khan (University of Cambridge): Rethinking "Slavery" in
sixteenth-century Ottoman Istanbul

Aynur Onur (Indiana University): The Sacred Flower: Pagan Worshippers
or True Followers of Allah?

John Dechant (Indiana University): Islamization, the Mongols, and the
Manāqib al-'ārifīn of Shams al-Dīn Aḥmad-i Aflākī

Panel: Market Building as Nation Building in Central Asia:
Entrepreneurs, Markets and Morals

Erica Marat: The Early 1990s in Ferghana Valley: Shortages of State
and Emergence of Violent Entrepreneurs

Deniz Tura: Formal institutions and entrepreneurship: the case of micro-

Alisher Khamidov: Doing business the Islamic way: Jamoats and their
growing economic role in the Ferghana Valley

Gul Berna Ozcan: Markets and morality: a typology of entrepreneurial

Panel: Linguistics

John Erickson (Indiana University): Specificity and Accusative Case
Marking in Written and Spoken Uzbek

Andrew Shimunek (Indiana University): Several layers of Turkic in
Khotong, a forgotten Turkic language of northwestern Mongolia

Jonathan North Washington (Indiana University): Complex codas in
Kazakh and Kyrgyz

Ilya Yakubovich (University of Chicago): Linguistic Convergence
between Bactrian and Sogdian

Panel: Inner Asia & Late Imperial China

Devon Dear (Harvard University): Protectors or Predators?: Money
lending, Violence, and the State in late Qing Mongolia, 1861-1905

Benjamin Levey (Harvard University): Writing the Oirats Back into
History: Qing China's Colonization of the Zunghar Frontier, 1757-1800

Max Oidtmann (Harvard University): Playing the Lottery With Sincere
Thoughts: Manchu Officials and the Selection of Incarnate Lamas in the
Late Qing

Elliot Sperling (Indiana University): The Co-ne dpon-po (tusi 土司):
Their Origins and Relations with the Ming Court

Panel: Nationalism

Naomi Caffee (UCLA): Reclaiming the Soviet Success Story: Kazakh
Identity in Olzhas Suleimenov's Ode to Gagarin

Eric T Schluessel (Indiana University): Networks of reform and
activism in Chinese Turkestan

Aysen Uslu Bayramli (Beykent University Istanbul): Turkistanis
(Central Asian Turks) in Exile

Nick Walmsley (Indiana University): The origins, manifestations and
implications of elite historiography in independent Uzbekistan

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