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JOB- Programme Officer Democratisation ICCO Central Asia, Bishkek

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JOB- Programme Officer Democratisation ICCO Central Asia, Bishkek

Posted by: ICCO Central Asia Vacancies <>

ICCO is looking to fill the position of Programme Officer
Democratisation for its regional office located in Bishkek. The
Programme Officer Democratization is mainly responsible for the
relation between ICCO and partners/program coalitions in the thematic
area of democratization. ICCO works together with local NGOs to
support self-help groups and their clusters and federations for the
purpose of increasing their role in societal change.

For background information, job description, required qualifications
and application, see below.

The deadline for application is 28 January 2009.

ICCO Central Asia Regional Office
402 Frunze (/Isanova)
720033 Bishkek
Kyrgyz Republic

Vacancy: Program Officer with a focus on Democratization in Kyrgyzstan
and Kazakhstan

ICCO & Kerk in Actie

ICCO is the Interchurch Organisation for Development Co-operation and
Kerk in Actie is part of the protestant church in The Netherlands.
ICCO & Kerk in Actie provide financial support and advice to local
organizations and networks throughout the world that are dedicated to
improving access to basic services, stimulating sustainable economic
development and advancing peace and democracy.

To advance democracy ICCO & Kerk in Actie would like to empower
vulnerable people and groups in order to protect their social,
economical and cultural rights and increase participation of these
groups in economical, social and political processes.

In its strategic plan 2007 - 2010, ICCO has presented a tentative
outline for innovation of our own organisation which will be
transformed into an international network organization, based on the
concept of "ProCoDe". This includes a Programmatic Approach,
Co-responsibility and Decentralisation. Over the coming years ICCO
will become an international network organisation, consisting of a
central working organisation in the Netherlands and ca. 11 regional
working organisations. In Central Asia, one of first regional working
organisations (RWO) is currently being set up. This RWO will be
located in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The region includes Kyrgyzstan,
Tajikistan and Kazakhstan.

ICCO is a member of the Ecumenical network Act Development and
cooperates closely with the other Act Development agencies in Central
Asia. Under the flag of Act-D Central Asia, a forum for cooperation is
formed between the European agencies Dan Church Aid, Christian Aid,
Norwegian Church Aid and ICCO.

Our Regional Working Office in Bishkek, ICCO is looking for candidates
to apply for the following job position:

Program Officer Democratization (1 FTE)

Duty station: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Focus working area: Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan

Tasks and Responsibilities of the program officer
The program officer is responsible for the relation between ICCO and
partners/program coalitions and other alliances in the region. The job
objective is to contribute to regional development processes by
facilitating multi-actor, multi-level programmes and support strategic
relations and alliances within the framework of ICCO Alliance Strategic Plan.

We would like to support vulnerable people, because we believe that
people can themselves reduce the causes for their vulnerability.
Empowered people will be able to reduce the bad effects of the risks
they face. Reducing vulnerability requires processes of empowerment
(of individuals, groups) and addressing the root causes of the
problems. It is as much a social as a political process. ICCO mainly
works through local non-governmental organisations.

For the development of a democratisation program we have chosen a
process approach, where programmatic development is seen as an ongoing
process where local ownership of the program is the leading principle.
Currently we are exploring together with local NGOs how to better
support self-help groups and their clusters and federations for the
purpose of increasing their role in societal change.

Promoting synergies between these and other ICCO and Act-D CA programs
is a continuous area of attention and applies mostly to access to
basic services, local market development and disaster risk reduction.
The program officer should be willing to travel both within Kyrgyzstan
and Kazakhstan, and possibly also to countries outside the region.

Specific tasks:
* identification and facilitation of projects, programs and program
coalitions by applying the four ICCO strategic roles in the
programmatic approach: strategic financing, lobby, advocacy and
participation, capacity building and brokerage;
* assessment of program- and project proposals;
* preparation of financing decisions;
* control, evaluation and monitoring of ongoing contracts between
ICCO and partners;
* facilitation of capacity building, advocacy and necessary expert
knowledge in the programs;
* supporting policy development and contributing to the development
of the regional annual plan;
* contribute to communication regarding activities and policies of
ICCO and partners in North and South;
* contribute to applications for funding by other sources;
* coordination with other relevant alliances in the region
(specifically Act-D Central Asia members).

The Program Officer reports to the Regional Manager. The Program
Officer works in a multidisciplinary team and works in direct
cooperation with the Finance Officer.

Qualifications of the Program Officer:
* Academic background in social or political sciences or affiliated studies
* Minimum of three years working experience in development cooperation
* Good knowledge of the social, economic and political situation in the region
* Insight in the complexities of development and development
cooperation, including the relations between local and international
* Basic knowledge of grant management
* Native speaker of Russian, Kyrgyz, Kazakh and/or other regional
languages. Excellent English language skills.
* Strong communicative skills
* Skills to find common understanding and reach agreement
* Networking and facilitation skills

* Honest, open and cooperative personality
* Process oriented, while at the same time aiming to realize concrete results
* Respectful and stimulating authentic (bottom-up) development processes
* Appreciative of the role of religion and ideology in social and
political development
* Innovative

For general information on ICCO visit:


To apply, e-mail both motivation letter and CV in ENGLISH only to stating PO-D in the subject line.
Deadline is 28 January 2009.

Short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview on 2 February
2009. Only short-listed candidates will be informed.

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