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PUBL.- China's Energy Geopolitics: The Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Central Asia

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PUBL.- China's Energy Geopolitics: Shanghai Cooperation Org. and Central Asia

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China's Energy Geopolitics: The Shanghai Cooperation Organization and
Central Asia
Published by Routledge Contemporary China Series, 2009
Written by Thrassy N. Marketos
ISBN 9780415456906, 978020389428
167 pages

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Includes biographical references and index.

China's need for energy has become an important factor in contemporary
world politics and a precondition for sustaining China's continuing
high economic growth. Accordingly, Chinese energy policy has been a
political and strategic player rather than a purely market-driven
policy. This book examines China's energy geopolitics, focusing in
particular on the need for a stable and secure investment environment
which is necessary for the provision of energy to China from Central
Asian states.

The author argues that the institutionalization of the Shanghai
Cooperation Organization (SCO), the Friendship and Cooperation Treaty
between Russia and China and Chinese bilateral agreements with
individual Central Asian states present an avenue and a framework of
stability in which pipeline construction can commence. However, in
order to stabilize the region for Chinese investment in energy
resources, the author argues that the United States needs to be
present in the region and that a strategic framework of cooperation
between Russia, China and the United States has to be developed.

The book will be of interest to academics working in the field of
International Security, International Relations and Central Asian and
Chinese politics.

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