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PANEL/CFP- CESS 2009, Panel on Education and Training in Afghanistan

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PANEL/CFP- CESS 2009, Panel on Education and Training in Afghanistan

Posted by: Michael Sinclair <>

CESS 2009 Panel on "International and Canadian Roles in Rebuilding
Education and Training in Afghanistan: Afghan and Non-Afghan,
Governmental, NGO and Other Perspectives"

We envision a well-focused panel with a practical orientation on "what
has worked, and not worked -- and why," including suggestions helpful
to governments, NGOs and others actively concerned with social
reconstruction and human security for the Afghan people and with
international educational assistance to Afghanistan.

Participation is encouraged from diverse perspectives -- including NGO
workers as well as government & aid agency officials, teachers,
academics, graduate students and others vitally interested in the topic.

The panel could include reports and analysis regarding several of the

(1) Perspectives of the Islamic Government of Afghanistan, and of
stakeholders including NGOs and other civil society organizations in
the country, on needs and challenges in education and training with
emphasis on relevant Canadian and international expertise and experience

(2) Policies and planning of the international community (governments,
international organizations, INGOs, etc.) in support of education,
training and reconstruction in Afghanistan

(3) Experiences, and lessons learned, concerning the participation of
the international community and other external actors -- NGOs,
professional & civil service bodies, educational institutions, civil
society organizations, etc. -- regarding:

- special initiatives / innovative activities and programs to address
critical needs, e.g. for women and girls, peace education,
literacy, teachers
- training for the public, private, social and community sectors and
services, e.g. general management, entrepreneurship and small business
development and support; police, military, judicial system
- training for professionals and paraprofessional occupations
- other training for the labour market, including skilled trades,
"informal" employment sector
- twinning and linkage projects of schools, other institutions,
professional bodies, government departments, etc.
- training in computers, information & virtual technologies, other
distance education
- assistance to strengthen educational planning and management at all levels
- support including training for capacity building and sustainability
in public administration (national, provincial, municipal, rural)

The above are not mutually exclusive and concern Formal Education, as
well as Nonformal, Adult and Community Education:

- Primary, Secondary, Post-Secondary (colleges, universities, etc.)
- Teacher Training and support
- Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)
- curriculum reform, including teaching and learning materials
(textbooks), resource centres, etc.
- language of instruction and the role of languages in Afghanistan in
education; mother tongue education
- rural education

(4) Challenges in identifying and fulfilling appropriate roles for
external support towards sustainability in education and training in

The presentation mode is a "Roundtable Panel" for "discussion of a
current topic in the field". This enables flexibility, with three to
six presenters, and is oriented towards a more informal discussion.
Written papers are not required, nor an abstract. (Further information
is contained in the CESS "Call for Papers",

We hope that the panel, if accepted, will contribute to a proposed
education in Afghanistan network, a possible mini-conference, and a
book, on education and training in Afghanistan.

If interested, please email a suggested title (& sub-title) for your
remarks and a brief summary -- also an outline of your experience
relevant to your proposed topic -- not later than Wednesday 11
February 2009 to both of us at the email addresses below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Michael Sinclair, Ph.D, Visiting Scholar

Stephen Bahry, Ed.D (ABD)

Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning (CTL)
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of
Toronto (OISE/UT)

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