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PUBL.- Georgian Archival Bulletin, No. 3, Beria-Stalin Correspondence and Gindia Film

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PUBL.- Georgian Archival Bull. No. 3, Beria-Stalin Correspondence & Gindia Film

Posted by: Timothy Blauvelt <timblauvelt@mail.ru>

The 3rd edition (Fall 2008) of the quarterly Archival Bulletin has
recently been released by the Archive Department of the Georgian
Ministry of Internal Affairs, and is available for download in PDF
format: http://archive.security.gov.ge/saarqivo_moambe_3.pdf

The Archives Department has also published an Appendix to the 3rd
Edition, entitled "Correspondence between Lavrenty Beria and Joseph
Stalin: 1937," which provides photographs of original telegrams (in
Russian) sent by Beria to Stalin in Moscow from File No. 152 (Opis 14)
of the Georgian Central Committee archive:

In addition, they have produced a short film (in Georgian with English
subtitles) as an extension of one of the articles in the 3rd edition,
called "File 171: the Gindia Case," based on the criminal file of an
Abkhaz separatist from the late 1970s:

Any institution interested in receiving hard copies of the Archival
Bulletin and the Appendix, or individuals interested in working in the
Georgian KGB and Central Committee archives should contact:

Colonel Omar Tushurashvili
Head of the Archives Department
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia
Vazha-Pshavela Avenue, #72
Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel./Fax: (995 32) 323898
E-mail: Tushurashvili(at)pol.ge or Moambe(at)pol.ge

Timothy Blauvelt
Tbilisi, Georgia

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