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SEMINAR- Galim Madanov: Travellers to Other (Kazakh) Spaces, OSCCA - Univ. of Oxford, Oct. 31

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SEMINAR- Galim Madanov: Travellers to Other (Kazakh) Spaces, Oxford, Oct. 31

Posted by: Nariman Skakov <>

The Oxford Society for the Caspian and Central Asia
Central Asian Humanities Seminar

Friday 31 October, 2008 at 5.30 pm (Michaelmas Term 2008 Week 3)
"Travellers to Other (Kazakh) Spaces: The Art of Galim Madanov"
Interview with Galim Madanov
Chaired by: Dr. Thomas Welsford (All Souls College, Oxford)
Discussant: Nariman Skakov (University College, Oxford)

Location: Swire Seminar Room, 12 Merton Street, University College, Oxford

Galim Madanov is a leading Central Asian contemporary artist who works
in a variety of media (traditional painting, video, photography,
installation). He is going to present two projects which address the
phenomenon of travel as an encounter with the "other". The project
"Where Castle Met Yurts" offers a visual meditation on John Castle --
an Englishman who travelled to the Kazakh steppe in 1736 and who left
a diary full of bewildered observations, and drawings, of Kazakh life.
The artist suggests that Castle's trip to Kazakhstan can be compared
to a psychedelic drug trip where reality and illusion peacefully
coexist, and Madanov's series of small canvases attempts to capture
this incongruity. The second project, entitled "Difference", tells
the story of Martin Rogers -- a contemporary British traveller who has
also ventured into this 'other' space. Martin, an artist himself, is
captured on video eating a traditional Kazakh dish (beshparmak) and
sharing his own aesthetic and everyday experiences of life.

The inevitable discursive presence of the most famous contemporary
British "traveller" to Kazakhstan -- Sacha Baron Cohen (aka Borat
Sagdyev) -- will be conveyed in the seminar by his physical absence.

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