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LECTURE- Sada Aksartova, US Support for Post-Soviet NGOs, George Mason U., Oct. 28

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LECTURE- Sada Aksartova, US Support for Post-Soviet NGOs, GMU, Oct. 28

Posted by: Eric McGlinchey <>

George Mason's Focus on Central Asia Program is pleased to announce a
public lecture by Sada Aksartova, Tuesday, October 28, 7:20 PM. All
are welcome.

Lecture Title: US Support for Post-Soviet NGOs: A Sociological Analysis

Time and Location: October 28, 7:20 PM, Student Union Building I, Room
A/B, George Mason University

Lecture Abstract:

Since 1992, the US government and private American foundations have
spent more than two billion dollars on promoting democracy and civil
society in the 12 post-Soviet states of Eurasia. In her talk, Dr.
Aksartova will present a sociological analysis of US assistance
targeting post- Soviet nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). How do
US donors and local NGOs interact? What does a post-Soviet NGO look
like? Aksartova will discuss how US civil society assistance operates
on the ground, focusing in particular on (i) the material and symbolic
resources that US donors have deployed to diffuse the institutional
form of the professional NGO in host societies and (ii) the
implications of her analysis for the ongoing debate about the impact
of US democracy promotion in Russia and the rest of post-Soviet
Eurasia. Sada Aksartova is a Postdoctoral Fellow at George Mason's
Center for Global Studies.

Information on this and previous GMU Central Asia events can be found
on the GMU Focus on Central Asia website:

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