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CONF.- Contemporary Mongolia, Vancouver, Canada, Nov. 14-17

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CONF.- Contemporary Mongolia, Vancouver, Canada, Nov. 14-17

Posted by: Julian Dierkes <>

International Conference
"Contemporary Mongolia - Transitions, Development and Social

November 14-17

University of British Columbia
Vancouver, Canada

On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of diplomatic relations
between Canada and Mongolia, the Program on Inner Asia at the
University of British Columbia is hosting a major conference on
contemporary Mongolia. Social scientists from around the world will be
discussing their research.

Tentative Conference Program

All sessions will be held at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced
Studies (6331 Crescent Road, UBC Campus), unless otherwise noted.
The conference is free and open to the public. To assist us in the
conference planning, please let us know which sessions you are
planning to attend (mongolia.conf (at)

Friday, November 14

The Revival of Buddhism in Mongolia in the Context of Post-Socialist Society

10-10:30a - Welcome and Introduction

10:30a-12p - Mongolian Buddhism: The Past and the Future

Matthew King, University of Toronto, Canada
"Finding the Buddha Hidden Below the Sand: Dynamics and Complexity in
the Revivalism of Mongolian Buddhism"

Zsuzsa Majer, Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary
"Present-day Mongolian Buddhist Temples: Continuation or Disjuncture
with the Past and the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition"

12-1:30p - Lunch

1:30-3p - The Context of Contemporary Religiosity in Mongolia

Johan Elverskog, Southern Methodist University, USA
"Theorizing Christianity in Mongolia"

Mátyás Balogh, Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary
"Ways of Practicing Shamanism in Mongolia"

3-3:30p - Coffee

3:30-5:00p - The Complexity of the Buddhist Revival in Mongolia

Krisztina Teleki, Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary
"Building on Ruins, Memories and Persistence: Revival and Survival of
Buddhism in the Countryside"

Marie-Dominique Even, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France
"Religious Pluralism versus Cultural Identity in Mongolia"

6-7:30p - Keynote Address

Morris Rossabi, Columbia University, USA
"Modern Mongolia: The Contemporary Descendants of the Khans and the
Revival of Buddhism"

Saturday, November 15

10a-12p - Mongolia's Continuing Transitions

Session Chair: Marcia Frost, East Asian Studies & Economics,
Wittenberg University, USA

Christopher Kaplonski, Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit,
University of Cambridge, UK
"Genden and the Lamas: The Politicization of Death in Postsocialist Mongolia"

Sarah Combellick-Bidney, Political Science, University of Indiana, USA
"We Would Not Choose These Terms: Development Discourses in Mongolia"

Mungunsarnai Ganbold, Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency,
Mongolia, and Thomas Spoorenberg, Economic History, University of
Geneva, Switzerland
"Did the Social and Economic Transition Cause a Health Crisis in
Mongolia? Evidence from Age-, Sex- and Cause-Specific Mortality Trends

12-1:30p - Lunch

1:30-3:30p - Mongolia' s Continuing Transitions (Cont.)

Session Chair: Charles Krusekopf, Environment and Sustainability,
Royal Roads University, Canada

Troy Sternberg, Geography, Oxford University, UK
"Twilight of Mongolian Pastoralism?"

Borchuluun Yadamsuren, Information Science and Learning Technologies,
University of Missouri, USA, and Catherine Johnson, Information and
Media Studies, University of Western Ontario, Canada
"From Socialism to Democracy: Effects of Transition on the Perception
of the Role of Libraries in Mongolia"

Paula Sabloff, University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and
Anthropology, USA
"Democracy and Risk"

3:30-4p - Coffee

4-5:30p - Mongolians' Interaction with their Physical Environment

Session Chair: Cliff Montage, Land Resources and Environmental
Sciences, Montana State University, USA

Raffael Himmelsbach, Political Science, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
"Institution-Building for the Mongolian Pastoral Commons"

Temuulen Tsagaan Sankey, Geographic Information Systems, Idaho State
University, USA, Keith Weber, Geographic Information Systems, Idaho
State University, USA, and Joel Sankey, Geosciences, Idaho State
University, USA
"Changes in Pastoral Use and Their Effects on Rangeland Productivity"

5:45-7p - Film Screening

Gaëlle Lacaze "The Retailer's Ballad"

Sunday, November 16

9-10a Working Breakfast

The Hon. D. Enkhbat
Entrepreneur and Member, Ikh Khural
"Dream It: ICTs and Contemporary Mongolia"

10a-12:30p - Contemporary Mongolian Education and Youth

Session Chair: Phil Bayliss (TBC), Education and Lifelong Learning,
University of Exeter, UK

Ines Stolpe, Asian and African Studies, Humboldt-University, Germany
"Changing Concepts of Mongolian Educational Philosophy"

Altangerel Choijoo, Human Rights Education, Mongolian State University
of Education
"Civic Education in Mongolia: Current Situation and Future Challenges"

Anne Riordan, Special Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
"Education for Students with Disabilities in Mongolia: Teachers' and
Stakeholders' Perspectives"

Naranchimeg Jamiyanjamts, Public Health Science, University of Alberta, Canada
"Quality of health care services in relation to health service
utilization by adolescents in Mongolia"

12:30-1:30p - Lunch

1:45-3:15p - Migrating Nomads

Session Chair: Chih-yu Shih, Political Science, Taiwan National
University, Taiwan

Gaëlle Lacaze, Ethnology, University Marc Bloch, France
"Run After Time"

Joakim Enwall, Linguistics and Philology, Uppsala University, Sweden
"Minority Policies and Inter-Ethnic Relations in Mongolia and Inner Mongolia"

3:15-3:345p - Coffee

3:45-5:15p - Migrating Nomads (Cont.)

Session Chair: Brian Sinclair, Environmental Design, University of
Calgary, Canada

Cynthia Werner, Anthropology, Texas A&M University, USA, and Holly
Barcus, Geography, Macalester College, USA
"Networks, Gender, Culture, and the Migration Decision"

Erdenetuya Urdnast, History, Mongolian State University of Education,
"En Masse Migrations Towards the Capital and Ecosystem Degradation"

Evening - Cultural Programming
Northern Lights Quartet (TBC)

Monday, November 17

10a-12p - Social Relations in Contemporary Mongolia

Session Chair: Lisa Sundstrom, Political Science, University of
British Columbia, Canada

Manduhai Buyandelgeryin, Anthropology, Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, USA
"Technologies of Election: Women's Participation in the Parliamentary
Election of 2008"

Byambayav Dalaibuyan, Sociology, University of Hokkaido, Japan
"Social Networks in Post-socialist Mongolia: Problem Solving Strategy
and the Norm of Reciprocity"

Astrid Zimmerman, Social Anthropology and Mongolia and Inner Asia
Studies Unit, University of Cambridge, UK
"Between Obligation and Corruption: the Dilemma of Local Dargas in
Present-Day Mongolia"

12-1p - Lunch

1-3:15p - The Impact of Mining on Social Relations and Public Health

Session Chair: Bern Klein/Marcello Veiga (TBC), Mining Engineering,
University of British Columbia, Canada

Caroline Upton, Geography, University of Leicester, UK
"Mining, Resistance and Pastoral Livelihoods in Contemporary Mongolia"

Mette High, Social Anthropology and Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies
Unit, University of Cambridge, UK
"Living Outside the Law in the Mongolian Gold Mines"

Lkhasuren Oyuntogos, Preventative Medicine, Health Sciences University
of Mongolia
"Mining Health in Mongolia"

Rebecca Darling, Asia Foundation, Mongolia
"Developing a Responsible Minerals Sector that Benefits All
Mongolians: A Multi-Stakeholder Approach"

3:15-3:30p - Coffee

3:30-5:30p - Roundtable on North American-Mongolian Relations

Participants TBC

For more details see:

Assistant Professor
Co-ordinator, Program on Inner Asia
Institute of Asian Research
University of British Columbia

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