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APPEAL- Information on Central Asian PhD Scholars (Central European University)

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APPEAL- Information on Central Asian PhD Scholars (Central European University)

Posted by: Tatiana Yarkova <>

Dear Members of Central-Eurasia-L,

We -- at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary, at the
Department of Special and Extension Programs funded by the Higher
Education Support Program of the Open Society Institute -- are
interested in making contact with PhD scholars from Central Asia.
We are working on an assessment of how higher education is developing
in the region, and we need very much to get the input of Central
Asians with this kind of experience. The information you can provide
us with will be extremely useful as we plan our initiatives for
further support in this field.

If you are a national of any of these countries -- Kazakhstan,
Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan -- and are a PhD student or PhD
graduate of a University outside of your home country, we would kindly
request you to answer the questions below. The information you
provide us with will only be used for a general analytical report and
your personal data will remain confidential.

It should only take you some 10 minutes to answer the questions, and
we would greatly appreciate if you could take a little time to do so
as it is very important for us to get as comprehensive picture as
possible. Please send your responses to:

If you know other people who are Central Asian nationals with
PhDs/doing PhDs abroad, please forward this message to them. Thank
you very much for cooperation!:

1. In which year were you awarded (expect to be awarded) your PhD degree?
2. Which University and Department did you (will you) receive it from?
3. What is the (proposed) title of your Dissertation?
4. What is your current place of residence?
5. For how long have you been living in this place of residence?
6. If you are a PhD graduate, what is you current occupation?
7. If you are a PhD student, in what kind of job and where would you
like to work after graduation?
8. Where do you see yourself, professionally, 5 years from now?
9. Where do you see yourself, professionally, 10 years from now?
10. What is your country of origin?
11. What is your current citizenship?
12. Your age?
13. Your gender?
14. Marital status?
15. If married, what is the citizenship of your spouse?
15. Do you have children?
16. If yes, what is their citizenship?
17. Would you like to be informed of SEP news and professional opportunities?
18. Your e-mail:

Thank you very much once again!

Tatiana Yarkova
Senior Program Manager
Special and Extension Programs (SEP)
Central European University
Nador u. 9, H-1051 Budapest, Hungary
Tel.: +(36-1) 327-3865
Fax: +(36-1) 327-3190

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