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CFA- Seminar on Oral History in Central Asia, Nov. 29-Dec. 1, CARC, Almaty

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CFA- Seminar on Oral History in Central Asia, Nov. 29-Dec. 1, CARC, Almaty

Posted by: Ablet Kamalov <>

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION- Central Asian Regional Seminar

Corporate Educational Foundation "Bilim-Central Asia"

Central Asian Resource Center

With the Support of Higher Education Support Program and Special and
Extension Projects Office of the Central European University

Invites scholars teaching History and Anthropology at universities as
well as all interested persons and researchers to take part in

Central Asian Regional Seminar Oral History in Central Asia

Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan

Time: November 29-December 1, 2008

Participants: 30 university level teaching scholars from Central Asian states

This workshop will discuss theories on Oral history looking at it as a
valuable source of information for understanding the past. Oral
history is understood as an interdisciplinary field of social sciences
based on materials recorded or obtained through oral interaction that
are or can be subsequently used to construct or 'reconstruct' history.
Oral history enables to make a turn from representation of a history
as a past of elite groups to the life of ordinary people and thus
represent a multifaceted nature of historical process. Theory of
Post-Colonialism and Subaltern Studies will be discussed in connection
with Oral history, as well as development of research of everyday life
in contemporary Central Asian historiographies.

Special attention will be given to the use of materials based on oral
history in various fields of social sciences with a special focus on
History and Anthropology. The workshop will discuss the nature of Oral
history, rationale and structures of various oral history genres,
including 'folk' narratives, life histories and testimonies to
political events, histories of the 'voiceless'. Other problems to be
discussed include memory, commemoration and monuments, documentary and
film rendering of 'oral history'.

This seminar is organized to provide the opportunity for the exchange
and discussion theoretical and methodological approaches to the 'new'
fields of Historical Studies on the example of Oral history.

Special attention will be paid to teaching Oral history at university
level as well as the students' work and projects on Oral history.

University teachers, researchers and scholars interested in Oral
History are welcome to attend the workshop. Especially those doing
Oral History research are encouraged to apply.

Travel costs, board and lodging are covered for Central Asian participants.

To apply, please send a CV and a letter of interest to the e-mail or
postal address below. All applications should arrive no later than
November 1, 2008.

For inquiries, or application forms, please contact:

Ablet Kamalov
Academic Leader in History
Central Asian Resource Centre
Tulebaeva 31, 050004
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel/fax: +7-727 259 76 18

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