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LECTURE- Jadidism and the Kazakh Alash Movement, Gulnar Kendirbai, Columbia Univ., NY, Oct. 31

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LECTURE- Jadidism and the Kazakh Alash Movement, Gulnar Kendirbai, NY, Oct. 31

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OASIES presents:

"The Impact of Jadidism on the Kazak Modernist Movement Alash"

A Brown Bag Lunch with Gulnar Kendirbai (Columbia University)

Time: Friday, 31 October, 12-1 pm
Location: 1219 International Affairs Building

Despite representing one of Central Asia's two major reformist
movements (the other movement originated in Russian Turkestan) that
emerged in the last decades of the Russian empire, the story of Alash
has remained largely unknown to mainstream Russian and Soviet
histories. This talk seeks to place the Alash phenomenon in a broader
social and cultural context, by bringing into focus an analysis of the
impact of the Tatar Muslim reformist movement, Jadidism (from usul-i
jadid, new method), founded by the Crimean enlightener Ismail Bey
Gasprinskii (Gaspirali) on the formation of Alash views.

The Organization for the Advancement of Studies of Inner Eurasian
Societies (OASIES) is a community of Columbia University graduate
students from varied disciplines and area studies perspectives. Our
goal is to foster dialogue and partnership across the academic spaces
bounded by the East Asian, Middle Eastern, South Asian, and Russian
area studies paradigms as we investigate Inner Eurasia.

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