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FILM- Shadow of the Holy Book, New Documentary on Turkmenistan Available on DVD

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FILM- Shadow of the Holy Book, New Documentary on Turkmenistan Available on DVD

New Documentary on Turkmenistan - Now available on DVD
SHADOW OF THE HOLY BOOK (Producer/Director: Arto Halonen, 52 minute DVD)

This groundbreaking documentary investigates the relationship between
the former autocratic leader of Turkmenistan, Saparmurat Niyazov, and
the multinational corporations that collaborated with him in order to
secure lucrative contracts. Niyazov, self-appointed President for Life,
transformed a remote Central Asian republic into one of the most
oppressive, megalomaniacal and bizarre regimes in recent history. The
"holy book" in the film's title refers to the Ruhnama, written by
Niyazov, is a mixture of legend and his own delusional thinking, serving
as a central part to his dictatorship. SHADOW OF THE HOLY BOOK questions
why the Ruhnama has been translated into forty languages, paid for by
some of the world's largest corporations, Siemens, Daimler-Chrysler,
Caterpillar, John Deere, Bouygues, among many others. An excellent
documentary and educational resource for discussion on corporate
accountability and human rights.

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