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WEB RESOURCE- Ab Imperio Network on Empire and Nationalism Studies

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WEB RESOURCE- Ab Imperio Network on Empire and Nationalism Studies

Posted by: Dilyara Suleymanova <>

Ab Imperio Network on Empire and Nationalism Studies

Ab Imperio International Quarterly announces the launch of the new
English and Russian Network on Empire and Nationalism Studies

This website is designed to bring together scholars from different
regions working on empire and nationalism studies. You can visit the
website and register on
The website is in Russian and in English.

We invite scholars to submit information on their research interests
and their current research projects for our database of scholars. For
doing so, you will need to go to,
fill in the form and send it to

If you want to inform your colleagues about forthcoming conferences,
seminars and summer schools you can do this by adding relevant
announcements on or by writing to the website
moderator to
If you are looking for partners for your research projects or grant
applications you can post announcements on or write directly to the moderator.

The website offers an opportunity to exchange your books and articles,
to launch
discussions on topics of your research, to share your experience of
archival and field work within the corresponding forums on

We have created and are updating a database of Russian archives and
archives of other post-Soviet states on
We kindly ask scholars to send us information about archives in their
country or city possibly including information on their summer opening

We also invite scholars to send us announcements about books recently
published at their local universities or publishing houses. We kindly
ask scholars to send us reviews of academic works studying history and
sociology of national, imperial and post-imperial societies. Please
address these reviews and announcements on Later on
we will provide for opportunity to post this information directly on
our web-site.

All questions, proposals and information concerning the website you
can address to the moderator and content manager of the website to

Ab Imperio hopes that this web resource will serve as a platform to
build an international scholarly association dedicated to the study of
empire and nationalism, and will be a useful tool in academic work and
teaching activities.

Best regards,

Dilyara Suleymanova (web-site moderator and content manager)
Ab Imperio team

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