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CFA- INTRAC Training: Participatory Research and Programme Development, INTRAC, Bishkek

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CFA- INTRAC Training: Participatory Res. and Prog. Development, INTRAC, Bishkek

Posted by: Kazbek Abraliev <>

Open Training Course: Participatory Research and Programme Development

The Problem: A recent report into donor-NGO relations in Central Asia
highlighted a gap between what funders / creators of development
programmes consider to be priorities, and what local organisations
perceive. All too often, the perception is that programs are designed
in a far-off place, according to criteria that do not apply well on
the ground. In another variation of this problem, an international
agency commissions a piece of research which is carried out by
short-term consultants and the results of the study are not discussed
outside their team. The respondents, beneficiaries, local
intermediaries are all excluded from the discussion. And then it is
hoped that the results of the study, transformed into the next
development or funding programme, will finally solve the problems faced

What can we do? How can we try to get better participation in research
and programme development, so as to work more effectively for
development? This is the theme of the INTRAC Open Training course
Participatory Research and Programme Development to be held on 9-11
October 2008 in Bishkek. The course begins with a discussion of
participatory methods in research. It shows how to make clearer the
connection between research and programme development raising
questions about the participation of various stakeholders in your
organisation at key stages of the planning and implementation process.

Lead trainer for the workshop will be Janice Giffen
(, Principal Capacity
Building Specialist at INTRAC's headquarters in UK, with support from
a local trainer and staff from INTRAC Bishkek. Janice is a research
and evaluation specialist who has conducted several studies in Central
Asia, including a major participatory research project in 2007. She
is also the lead expert for INTRAC's innovatory analytical skills
training programme, currently running in the region. This course
trains local NGO staff in research techniques.

Please sign up for the course as soon as you can. We will give 5%
discount for application forms received by Monday 15 September.
Please note that the workshop runs from Thursday 9th to Saturday 11th
October. This is three days later than originally advertised.

Effective Leadership and Management 24-26 November 2008

This course is designed for managers at various levels. It encourages
managers to think more widely about their work and its effect on
society, about their role in leading staff teams and representing the
organisation to external stakeholders. The trainers are Charles
Buxton (INTRAC) and Zaure Sydykova (SBDC). The course will be held in Bishkek.

Three-day courses (non-residential in Bishkek): US$ 580. Include
course fees and materials, plus meals and refreshments during working hours.

Registration and payment
To apply for a course, you need to complete an application form. You
can request it using our contact information below. Early booking is

Contact details:
INTRAC Central Asia Address: 107 Kievskaya St., Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
Programme Officer (Administration): Burma Baitokoeva
Tel.:(+996 312) 611402
Fax: (996 312) 611277, e-mail:

INTRAC is a non-profit organisation working in the international
development and relief sector. We support non-governmental
organisations (NGOs) and civil society organisations (CSOs) around the
world by helping to explore policy issues, and by strengthening
management and organisational effectiveness.

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