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PROG. INFO.- Online Course on Conflict and Conflict Resolution in the Caucasus, Malmoe University

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PROG. INFO.- Online Course on Conflict Resolution in the Caucasus, Malmoe Univ.

Posted by: Karina Vamling <karina.vamling@mah.se>

The Dept. of International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER), Malmoe
University (Sweden) offers the free online course "Conflict and conflict
resolution in the Caucasus" in the autumn 2008 (it is also scheduled for
the spring semester 2009). In the course a selection of conflict cases
in the region are analyzed on the basis of existing conflict theories
and models for conflict resolution.

More information & syllabus

The course is offered as an IT-based part-time course with instruction
in English. As the course is offered exclusively online, students
resident in Sweden as well as in other countries worldwide may enroll.
Course administrator: Asa Ulemark (asa.ulemark@mah.se). Fees: The is no
tuition fee at Swedish universities (only a small fee to the Student

Application details:
Admission requirements: General eligibility + the equivalent of English
course B in Swedish secondary school + 60 hp (60 ECTS = one year of
academic studies).

General information on admission requirements:
English proficiency:

Late applications for Autumn Semester 2008: Print out the form below and
send it together with all necessary documents required for eligibility
directly to Malmoe University.

Application form:

Office of Admission
Malmoe University
BOX 505 14
202 50 Malmoe

Application code Conflicts and conflict resolution in the Caucasus, fall
2008: mah-05453

Important: If you send in an application, please inform us about this at
Caucasus@imer.mah.se. You may fax your application as well to the
following number +46 40 6657051 and to indicate that you have sent the
application by ordinary mail.

Malmö University Admissions Office

Contact the Office of Admission at:
Telephone service is open Monday to Friday 10.00-12.00 at +46 40 665

Kind regards,
Karina Vamling and Marta-Lisa Magnusson

Marta-Lisa Magnusson, Assoc. Prof.
Dept. of IMER, Malmoe University, Sweden
Dept. of Political Science, Copenhagen University, Denmark

Karina Vamling, Assoc. Prof.
Dept. of International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER)
Malmoe University, Sweden

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