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CONF.- Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies on the Caucasus and Central Asia, Bonn, Oct. 16-18

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CONF.- Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies on Caucasus & C. Asia, Bonn, Oct. 16-18

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CONF.- Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies on the Caucasus and Central
Asia, Bonn, Oct. 16-18, 2008, and publication

Conference: Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies on the Caucasus and Central
Asia: Between Scholarship and Politics.
Bonn, October 16-18, 2008.
Venue: Hotel Hilton, Room "Paris", Berliner Freiheit 2, D-53111 Bonn, Germany.

The conference investigates the emergence and development of Soviet
Oriental Studies, with special reference to scholarship on Islam in
the Caucasus and Soviet Central Asia. Sections are devoted to the
institutionalization of Oriental scholarship in Moscow, Leningrad and
the Soviet republics, to the political pressures on individual
Orientalists as well as their involvement in policy-making and
anti-Islamic propaganda, and also to the heritage of Soviet
scholarship in contemporary Central Asia and the Caucasus. Our overall
goal is to assess in how far one can speak of a specific "Soviet Orientalism".


16 Oct., 09.00-18.15:

Stephan Conermann (Bonn), Introduction.

Vera Tolz (Manchester), The Critique of West European Oriental Studies
by Russian Scholars in the 1920s.

Armina Omerika (Erfurt), Competing Orientalisms: Sarajevo and Belgrade.

Bert Fragner (Vienna), Iranian Studies as a Case.

Oliver Reisner (Tbilisi), Georgian Caucasology in the 1920s and 1930s.

Irina Babich (Moscow), The Development of Soviet Studies on the North Caucasus.

Aleksei Asvaturov (St. Petersburg), Nikolai Marr and the Oriental
Section of the Publichnaia Biblioteka.

Zifa Auezova (Leiden), The Academic Infrastructure in Soviet
Kazakhstan, 1920s - 1940s.

Till Mostowlansky (Bern), The Development of Kyrgyz Oriental Studies.

Michael Rouland (Oxford, Ohio), Musical Orientalism in Kazakh Soviet Operas.

17 Oct., 9.00-16.30:

Mikhail Rodionov (St. Petersburg), Profiles under Pressure:
Orientalists in 20th Century St. Petersburg.

Michael Kemper (Amsterdam), Liutsian Klimovich, the Ideological
Watchdog of Soviet Oriental Studies.

Vladimir Bobrovnikov (Moscow), 'Missionary Islamology' against
Religious Survivals in the Soviet East: From the Union of Militant
Atheists to the Knowledge Society.

Yaroslav Vassilkov (St. Petersburg), Repression of Oriental Studies.

Bahodir Sidikov (Bonn), Krachkovskii's Translation of the Qur'an and
Its Consequences for Soviet Arabic and Islamic Studies.

Vladimir Boyko (Barnaul), Soviet Afghan Studies.

17 Oct., 19.30:

Cloé Drieu (Paris), Soviet Cinematographic "Orientalism":
Representations of Islam in Uzbek Film.

18 Oct., 9.00- ca. 13.15:

Mikhail Roshchin (Moscow), Soviet Arabic Studies, 1960s through 1980s.

Ruben Safrastyan (Yerevan), Armenian Orientalists in Politics.

Altay Göyüshev (Baku), Azeri Soviet Orientalists after the Collapse of
the USSR: "Contributions" to the Islamic Revival.

Amieke Bouma (Halle), Orientalism and the Ruhnama.

Stéphane Dudoignon (Paris), Oriental Studies in Late Soviet and
Post-Soviet Tajikistan.

The conference is organised jointly by the Institute of Oriental and
Asian Studies of Bonn University (Prof. Dr. Stephan Conermann) and the
Department of European Studies of the University of Amsterdam (Prof.
Dr. Michael Kemper). We are most grateful to Volkswagen Foundation for
their generous support of the event.

Visitors are most welcome, and are kindly asked to get in touch with
us (Caspar Hillebrand, e-mail: There will be much room for
discussion in the panels.

The ensuing conference volume is also open to contributions from
non-participants; for proposals please contact Michael Kemper
(; tel. 0031-20-525-4370).

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