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JOB- ICRC Psychologist, Nalchik, North Caucasus

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JOB- ICRC Psychologist, Nalchik, North Caucasus

Posted by: Almut Rochowanski <>

ICRC/International Committee of the Red Cross
Psychological Support Programmes for Families of Missing Persons
based in Nalchik, non-family assignment

Function / raison d'être

A few years after the "end" of the armed hostilities (at least in some
areas of the Chechen Republic), there is no more humanitarian
emergency in the region.

However, specific problems related to IHL / IHRL remain unsolved,
especially the issue of forced disappearances during and since the
last conflict. Indeed, many families remain without answers or
information regarding the fate of their disappeared relatives. For
many of them, it's even impossible to consider the possibility of the
death of their loved one(s), even less in the absence of visible proof.

The ICRC intends to promote the implementation of a global approach in
order to respond to the needs of the families of the missing. Actions
developed in this respect will address issues mainly related to the
psychological and social dimensions of the problems faced by the
families, as well as other aspects for instance within the legal or
judicial fields.

Concerning mental health the mental health issue, we decide to focus
our attention on the grieving/mourning process and its complications
considering the uncertainty linked to the situation of disappearance.

After having assessed the current situation of families of missing,
ICRC Delegation will set activities to provide the minimum support
that has to be defined according to the reality of the families'
difficulties. The local network (associations, Red Cross national
society branches, "traditional" leaders, specialists, communities) is
seen as the main resource. Its capacities will need to be improved in
order to properly accompany families of missing in a long term setting.

Main Tasks
* Organise training sessions on "Accompanying families of missing
persons" with the NS nurses, the Family Associations and the
identified pool of psychologists.
* Ensure the implementation of the ICRC HandBook and the activities
it proposes for assisting the families
* Define and organize in collaboration with the health unit/team
(GVA, Nalchik) training sessions adapted to the level of competencies
and intervention of the local specialists (and according to the needs
of families).
* Encourage the networking of the main stakeholders involved in the
support of FoM (NS, FAs, pool of specialists, others )
* Ensure the follow up of the activities and provide adequate
technical supervision.
* Fine tune the children needs assessment (as well as the tool: sheet
6) in order to define activities to be put in place from the second
part of the year.
* Ensure the supervision of the protection/psychosocial ICRC team
involved in the PSS programme
* Define and organize workshop/meetings aiming to reinforce the
ability of colleagues to cope with dealing directly with the FoM

Selection requirements
* Excellent knowledge of English (written and spoken), French and
Russian desirable
* Senior Psychologist/Psychiatrist/Specialised nurse (MA + DESS or doctorat)
* Experience with populations from different cultures, field
experience required. Knowledge of Caucasus context preferable
* Knowledge of the grief process and related issue
* Experience/knowledge in training process, inter-vision and supervision.
* Experience in community-based approach and in implementing
psychosocial activities.
* International driving licence (valid for manual transmission vehicles)

Your profile
* Very good analysis and reporting capacity.
* Autonomy, sense of initiative, flexibility.
* Ability to work in teams, with experts of various theoretical backgrounds.
* Communication aptitude, open-mindedness, creativity, pro-activity.

Minimum length of the assignment : 12 months
Starting date : 15.10.2008
Application deadline : 20.09.2008

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