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LECTURE- "Social Capital" or "Are NGOs the Place for Collective Action?" Sept. 10

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LECTURE- "Social Capital" or "Are NGOs the Place for Collective Action?" 9/10

Posted by: Social Research Center - AUCA <src@mail.auca.kg>

The Social Research Center (SRC) at American University of Central Asia
presents LECTURE: "Social Capital" or "Are NGOs the Place for Collective

Mr. Medet Tiulegenov, Assistant Professor, American University of Central Asia

Time: 5 p.m., Sept. 10, 2008
Venue: Room 315, AUCA (Main Building)
Language: Russian (Interpretation into English will be provided only if
requested in advance)

Synopsis: The number of organizations in the NGO sector in Kyrgyzstan has
grown significantly, reaching more than 8,000 by 2006. This increase has
been accompanied by better quality, which has been achieved through more
focused work and additional, improved capacity. However, the social side of
NGOs is experiencing problems because of the inadequate quality of
relationships among NGOs and between the NGO sector and other social
sectors. The social capital of Kyrgyzstan's NGO has not yet developed
sufficiently for them to become venues for collective action, which is
viewed as the main function of civil society.

Bio: Medet Tiulegenov graduated from Kyrgyz National University's Department
of History. He holds Master of Public Administration degree from Bowling
Green State University, USA. Until recently he served as Executive Director
of the Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan. Before joining the Soros Foundation he
was a research assistant at the National Academy of Science and Kyrgyz
National University. At present Mr. Tiulegenov is an assistant professor in
the International and Comparative Politics Department of the American
University of Central Asia. His research and teaching interests include
social fairness, social capital, civil society development, public policy,
and state government.

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